Countdown2Kickoff Show

cfb  puzzleCollege Football is almost here and the days of meaningless channel surfing is nearly over. We are in a new era of College Football, Year Three of the College Football Playoffs. 120 teams are tied for first and each may have legitimate arguments to why their team has what it takes to duplicate the success of last season or to get the bitter taste of disappointment out of their memory. Although fans allegiance may differ the passion that they share for their favorite team is all the same.

Tune n2 the Countdown2Kickoff show as we have guest from all over the country share their passion, incites, and expertise on why the 2016 season will truly be one to be remembered.

If Auburn Tigers can come within 16 seconds of winning a National Championship after a 3-9 season, why not the USC Trojans, Oregon State Beavers, Wisconsin Badgers, Kansas State Wildcats, Georgia Bulldogs, UCLA Bruins, Florida Gators, LSU Tigers or {insert favorite team here}

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