Eagles win, but is the best still yet to come?

eagles offenseOn Monday Night Football the Philadelphia Eagles new offense was on full display against the Washington Redskins for the world to see. Although the formations were nothing new the pace was unrelenting, the Eagles high-octane offense registered 53 plays in the first half!

The Eagles offensive weapons were nothing short of amazing, Mike Vick was making life miserable for the spying linebackers; Lesean Shady McCoy wasphiladelphia eagles offense juking and jiving; and Desean Jackson had the Redskins secondary gasping for air. Besides one unique formation Coach Chip Kelly showcased a fast pace offense that even had fans, commentators, and referees gasping for air.

No one ever doubted the skill or play-making ability of the Eagles offensive weapons,lesean mccoy against redskins many questioned their ability to all stay healthy during the regular season.The Eagles offensive weapons have developed a reputation of being an injury waiting to happen: Vick has only played one season without a missing a game due to injury, Desean has a history of concussions, and Lesean is only a year removed from a debilitating knee injury.

At least for one night Eagles fans got to see the full arsenal on display, we all bared witness to how electrifying this offense could be. We witnessed the opposing defense gasping for air unable to keep up with high-octane Eagles offense. However, it was also hard to ignore the slumping Eagles offensive lineman who were also clearly gassed by halftime.

eagles offensive lineAlthough the Eagles play-makers will continue to garner most of the headlines in the City of Brotherly Love, the fate of Eagles season will be determined by the mercurial left tackle Jason Peters; rookie right tackle Lane Johnson; center Jason Kelce; and guards Evan Mathis and Todd Herremans. They were nothing short of impressive against the Redskins opening up rushing lanes for McCoy and giving Vick time in the pocket. But if they were bent over sucking wind in week 1, its hard to presume that the best is yet to come. Will the Eagles offensive line fall victim to their own pace? Stay tuned…I know I will. – A. Denmark

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NFL Free Agency: Its how you spend NOT how much you spend that makes the difference

2013 NFL Free AgencyNFL Free Agency is 24 hours away and several NFL franchises have a lot of money to spend while other teams have only lent in their pockets will be relegated to the sidelines forced to find value with their pennies.

Free agency is an invaluable tool that benefits players who wish to maximize their value and teams looking to add the missing piece to make a long playoff run. The NFL Free Agency period has been an off season fixture although high-priced acquisition make headlines year in and year out it is rare that the team that spends the most cash hoists the Lombardi Trophy at season’s end.

For years the Washington Redskins have been the biggest spenders on the freeWashington Redskins Spending Spree agency market, foolishly handing out lucrative contracts to big name players way past their prime in Bruce Smith and Deion Sanders to 5 year contracts for a combined salary of $90 million dollars after their 15th years in the league. Or who can forget $100 million contract the Redskins gave Albert Haynesworth whose poor conditioning and bad attitude led him right out of the league. Redskins owner Dan Snyder can spent nearly $330 million on big name free agents and still has yet to get past the second round of the NFL playoffs.

Although it seems that Snyder has finally learned his lesson, it appears that several franchises may receive a similar reality check this off-season. The Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins and the Indianapolis Colts appears to be the three franchises with the deepest pockets this year.

mike wallace 2012 game logsThe Dolphins are reportedly a favorite to land wide receiver Mike Wallace who is believed to be the top wideout available in free agency. But before the ink dries on his contract the Dolphins should be reluctant because Wallace struggles with drops and has some diva-like  tendencies, frequently giving up on routes and quitting when the ball is not coming his way. Dolphin fans remember we buy Advil for headaches we don’t spend $30 million to guarantee them.

The Browns and Colts are reportedly in a bidding war for the services of defensive end paul kruger ray lewis ed reed baltimore ravensPaul Kruger, numbers have allegedly reached an absurd $10 million dollars per year. Although Kruger was a dominant force during the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl run, he failed to record a single sack during the regular season. Clearly Kruger’s postseason performance has clouded the judgement of two franchises whose desperation will only lead to disappointment.

After the dream team failure it would have been reasonable to presume that the philadelphia eagles dream teamPhiladelphia Eagles would resist the bait of big name free agents. However, news of their reported interest in former Tennessee Titans tight end Jared Cook who is rumored to be demanding to be the highest paid tight end in the NFL says otherwise. Cook is commanding $8-10 million and it appears the Eagles and the Dolphins may be the only two franchises dumb enough to meet his demands.

Free Agency was created to serve as an equalizer, to provide franchises an opportunity to go from worst to first. However, year in and year out the franchises with the biggest pockets disappoint their fan bases by remaining in the division cellar, and reminding us spendthat it’s not how much you spend, but how you spend which separates a title contender from a pretender. When the clock strikes twelve NFL March Madness will begin… Stay tuned… I know I will – A. Denmark


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Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Kelly – A Chip off the old block

Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip KellyAfter being turned down more times than a fat kid who wanted cake the Philadelphia Eagles finally found their next head coach, 15 interviews and 4 rejections later. In a sense of desperation the Eagles general manager begged Oregon head coach Chip Kelly to reconsider his offer, and 16 days after their first interview which lasted 8 hours Kelly agreed to become the next coach of the Eagles.

After winning the Fiesta Bowl in convincing fashion over the Kansas State Wildcats Chip Kelly wins 2013 Fiesta bowlKelly was at the top of every NFL owner’s wish list due to his explosive Oregon Duck offense that averaged one touchdown every 56 seconds. Elements of his spread offense has become the latest buzz in the NFL ranks due to the successful implementation and play of athletic quarterbacks like  the Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III, the Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson, and the San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick.

After his five-year stint in Eugene no one can blame Kelly for giving the NFL a shot, but the timing of his decisions makes one wonder why the sudden change of heart? When Kelly first pasted on the job it was the same weekend that Robert Griffin III tore his ACL and PCL in the Redskins first round loss to the Seattle Seahawks. After the injury criticism was rampant with about the longevity of the spread offense phenomena and punishment quarterbacks running this offense would take.

Washington Redskins, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle SeahawksCoincidentally two weeks later when the other two stars of the spread offense had phenomenal post-season performances – Kaepernick (4 TDs, 263 yards passing & 181 yards rushing) and Wilson (3 TDs, 385 yards passing & 60 yards rushing) Kelly reconsidered the Eagles offer.

Another reason for his exit may be due to the pending NCAA investigation of the Chip Kelly and Will Lyles NCAA InvestigationOregon football team of improper benefits to a Texas handler Willie Lyles who steered 5-star running back Lache Seastrunk and other talented Texas recruits to Eugene. This cloud of uncertainty and unavoidable penalties and sanctions on the horizon, guilt or knowledge of wrong-doing may have been the final straw.

In time his real motives for leaving the Oregon Ducks will be revealed: Is a multi-year Bowl ban with scholarship reductions on the horizon? As Kelly assumes the challenge of rejuvenating a once proud franchise he certainly will have a lot Eagles fans at Veteran Life Stadiumof talented playmakers at his disposal. Although he will be greeted with praise and possibly even a standing ovation; remember the same fan base that booed Santa Clause will not be patient. Stay tuned… I know I will – A. Denmark


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