Upset Sunday

Typically upsets are reserved for college sports but clearly Week 16 of the NFL season was the exception. The Pros and Joes in Vegas clearly had no idea about the mayhem that ensued on Football Sunday. The Atlanta Falcons who have been the epitome of bi-polar both excited and infuriated dirty-bird nation after their win over once undefeated Carolina Panthers. Falcons led by a tenacious no name defense made Cam Newton looking anything but Super. The Panthers potent offense was stifled one drive after the next. On offense, Julio Jones outmuscled Panthers corner Josh Norman and Devonta Freeman had Luke Kuechly grasping for air. Although the Falcons still have a glimmer of playoff hope their fan base is again left wondering for the umteenth year what could have been.

In the midwest the Saint Louis Rams continued to be a tough out for their bitter division rival the Seattle Seahawks. The Rams continue to be good enough to win games but not bad enough to finally solve their quarterback needs. Led by the best defensive line a squad can draft the Seahawks running game was so putrid that Beast Mode would not have stood a chance. Since the Rams have been eliminated from the playoffs contention for weeks, they are simply playing for pride.

The heart that the Baltimore Ravens showed in out hustling the high octane Steelers was truly a thing of beauty. Led by a roster full of journeymen the Ravens fought on when most would have folded. The savviness of Ozzie Newsome’s eye for talent was on full display. No Joe Flacco. No Justin Forsett. No Terrell Suggs. In spite of these losses Coach Harbaugh should be commended for his efforts, due injuries the Ravens have built depth that will yield them a high draft pick and huge dividends in 2016.

The only team decimated more by injuries than the Ravens are the New England Patriots. So the fact that the Patriots lost was not much of a surprise and the fact two more Pats went down with serious injuries has unfortunately become expected. But with a depth chart decimated by injuries the Patriots have an excuse, the same can not be said about the Panthers, Steelers, and Seahawks. Clearly, these teams left their hard hats at home and though they would get a ‘W’ by just showing up. Proverbs 6:18 says pride comes before the fall, next week we will find out how far each team has fallen. A Playoff spot? Home field advantage? Stay tuned… I know I will – A.Denmark

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Tom Bad Ass Brady, the Greatest of All Time

tom brady nfl bad assWhen a player is referred to as a bad ass most people think of a guy in leather that is covered in tattoos and piercings, not an endorser shoe company known mostly for woman’s shoes. Bad asses break rules and answer to no one. Bad asses don’t marry super models and you will never, I mean ever see a bad ass cry.

However, during Week 5 in Foxboro a Bad Ass took center stage and reminded us all what true greatness is made of. So what Wes Welker is catching passes from his arch nemesis? Who cares that Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski are cashing in checks but cannot stay on the freaking field! Unlike the other so-called elite quarterbacks of this era Brady finds a way to win with offensive after-thoughts and roster casualties that 31 other teams deemed unworthy of a roster spot: Julian Edelman, 7th Round Pick; Austin Collie, San Francisco 49ers roster cut; and Kenbrell Thompkins, undrafted problem child.

Tom Brady will go down in history as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, but inbrady and thompkins reality his era of dominance may make him the greatest athlete of all time. Michael Jordan and Joe Montana at least had Hall-of-Fame sidekicks at their disposal. For a moment just imagine how many Super Bowls Brady could have won if he had Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning’s arsenal of offensive weapons? If Brady was at the helm in Lambeau would the Green Bay Packers had made early exits in consecutive playoff appearances?

The next time you talk about elite quarterback bypass your allegiance to your favorite team and simply except that Brady stands alone and no one is even close. No other brady yellingquarterback has accomplished what he has done, and its unlikely to ever be duplicated again. Only when Brady has led his last comeback, hoisted up his final Lombardi trophy then and only then will we be able to appreciate the GOAT, first name Tom last name Brady. What will we witness next? Stay tuned…I know I will – A. Denmark

Tim Tebow: Patriot today, but tomorrow may not be promised

tim tebow bill belichick and tom brady Tim Tebows prayers were answered by the most unlikeliest of people, as the hooded one, New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick rescued Tebow from having to consider a career change. Many had thought that Tebow had played his last down in the NFL, but it looks like Belichick had other plans.

For years the Patriot offense operated like clock work, but with Wes Welker now in Denver catching passes from Peyton Manning and with the dynamic tight end duo of Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski spending more time on operating tables than on the field, their is room to be nervous.

Since the status of the Patriots play-makers remains unclear the need to find offensivegronkowski and hernandez pieces to make life better for Tom Brady was needed. Although it is unclear how Tebow will be used, it is safe to presume that if he can contribute the Patriots will get him on the field in some way. However, for those who foolishly believe that Tebow will be given time to learn the quarterback position by holding a clip board for a few years, I remind you that Belichick’s patience is about as long as the drawstring on his hoodies.

For the past three seasons the Patriots have acquired big name free agents that only last one season before Belichick got fed up and cuts them. Heck, Deion Branch an invaluable offensive contributor has patriot today cut tomorrowbeen released and signed for the past three years. Belichick may have rescued Tebow from having to consider a career change once but if he fails to produce his time him Boston may be short lived. Like Albert Haynesworth, Brandon Lloyd, Chad Johnson, and Corey Dillion who were all big name free agent signings that did not get a second season in New England.

The Patriots may have given Tebow a chance, but if he wishes to make it to season 2 hein bill we trust must produce immediately or else this opportunity may be his last. For the sake of his NFL career lets hope he does not blow it because in Patriot land tomorrow is never promised. Stay tuned…I know I will – A. Denmark

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