Detroit Pistons – The Palace Joe Dumars built and destroyed

Detroit Pistons Glory YearsTen years ago the Detroit Pistons was hailed as premiere franchise in the NBA blessed with a genius in the front office in Joe Dumars and a coaching whiz in Larry Brown whose play the right way philosophy led to two NBA Finals appearances and 1 NBA Championship.

With 55 win seasons appearing to be virtual certainty for many seasons to come the Palace of Auburn Hills was appearing to be home to a dynasty in the making. However after the Pistons infamous 2003 NBA Draft fail Darko Milicic everything has gone down hill ever since.Darko Milicic retires The same general manager who assembled the beast in the East and a perennial playoff contender has been making bad moves left and right.

Maybe Dumars was not the mastermind we initially believed? Maybe the Pistons glory years and return to relevant had more to do with coaching nomad Larry Brown who has been retired, fired, and hired again? Each season that passes since the Pistons glory years Dumars Joe Dumars and Larry BrownIQ is a declining and he is nearly reaching short bus status.

When given a chance to prove us wrong Dumars disappoints again by passing on point guard Trey Burke and adding another shooting guard in Kentavius Caldwell-Pope. If that move was not poor enough then Dumars signs forward Josh Smith to a $56 million dollar deal completely forgetting that he already has two promising forwards in Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond that cheaper with a much higher ceiling.

When will Detroit’s Pistons owner Tom Gores say enough is enough? 5 Coaches in 8 years, 6 losing seasons, Charlie Villanueva ($37 Million), Rodney Stuckey ($25.5 rodney stuckey and charlie villanuevaMillion), and now  Smith, a $56 million forward who clogs the land and can’t shoot should equal more than enough reasons to show Dumars the door. Although loyalty is rewarded in sports there comes a time when you must look in another direction. Is the Dumars era near its end? Is the Bad Boy become a laughing stock or a punchline? Stay tuned…I know I will

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