#Road2Arlington Survive and Advance #CFBPlayoffs here we come

JAMEIS WINSTON SUSPENSIONAt the start of the 2014 college football season many teams appeared to be unbeatable and apparent shoe-ins to punch their #Road2Arlington tickets to the inaugural College Football Playoffs. The close calls in week four has all but destroyed these cloaks of invincibility. The Auburn Tigers high octane sputtered in Manhattan but was bailed out by a dominant run defense and uncharacteristic miscues by the Kansas State Wildcats missing three field goals and two sure handed touchdown passes.

The Oregon Ducks offense may not have been as abysmal but the Ducks offensive line was dominated by the Washington State Cougars defense who sacked the frailWAZZU SACKED Heisman front runner Marcus Mariota seven times, who had to run just to survive. The Ducks defense was a complete no show surrendering 480 yards in passing alone. The Ekpre-Olomu Darrell Revis comparison from this summer looked downright laughable as he was victimized frequently as Cougars quarterback Connor Halliday showed little fear attacking the All American corner.

EDDIE GOLDMAN FUMBLEWhile the Ducks were saved by Mariota the Florida State Seminoles nearly lost because of the selfishness of Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston. The nations longest winning streak was on the verge of being snapped until defensive tackle Eddie Goldman saved their season and as well as their championship hopes when he caused a fumble with his bear claw.

Routes come and go but these close calls were a huge wake up call for several title JAMIES WINSTON SIDELINEcontenders. Although battered, bruised and humbled these week four close calls will either bring the team together or serve as a sign of things to come. The diagram their championship demise is no secret and their adversaries smell blood: Auburn can not run; Oregon cannot protect or defend; and poor FSU who knows what Winston will do next. Upsets are inevitable, the only question is who will be next victim? Stay tuned…I know I will.

Road2Arlington: Ohio State Buckeyes – Championship or Bust, No Excuses. No Apologizes.

12 n 0THE Ohio State Buckeyes have had two unblemished regular season finishes, but no national championships to show for it. At programs like that SCHOOL UP NORTH a 23-game win and a Big Ten Conference is something to be proud of, but in Columbus where excellence is expected NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP are all that matter.

This year the Buckeyes are stacked and the gap separating them from their Big Ten peers is gaping. After three years Coach Urban Meyer has well stocked roster that has both speed and talent galore. Despite the Buckeyes abundance of riches the national championship hopes of Buckeye Nation rest squarely on the surgically repaired shoulder and previously strained MCL of Heisman favorite senior quarterback Braxton Millerbraxton miller injury

When Miller was on the field he was nearly unstoppable, which is why he has two Big Ten Player of the Year Awards in his trophy case. Although Miller will always be a threat to run he continues to grow and mature as a passer. Each time Miller pulled the ball down fans were both amazed and horrified hoping that he would get up unscathed. Although there is no shortage of talent, replacing an entire offensive line for an injury prone quarterback is a bit unsettling.

However, the Buckeyes saving grace will be their defense, which will rank as one of the best in the country. Despite the losses of first rounders Bradley Roby and Ryan Shazier, the defense will be nothing short of dominant. The defensive line will be downright scary and opposing quarterbacks and OC will be terrorized in their dreams osu dand on the field by Michael Bennett, Joey Bosa, and Adolphus Washington. At Ohio State they don’t replace, they simply reload, FS Vonn Bell, CB Doran Grant, and LB Curtis Grant are all poised to be premier play-maker that will not be a secret for much longer.

Although no team will ever rival Meyer’s 2008 Florida Gators, Meyer may have assembled his best team yet in Columbus. The offensive line holds the key to the Buckeyes championship fate. Since they practice against the nation’s best defense there may be hope after all. If talented play maker Dontri Wilson finally live up to his Percy Harvin expectations which he is more than capable of doing then the Road2Arlington will be an easy one. But if Miller misses time due to injury all bets are off. Stay tuned…I know I will.

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Texas Longhorns Reality Check

elite football coachesWhen big time college jobs become available a who’s who’s list of coaching royalty is assembled. Names like Nick Saban, Jon Gruden, Les Miles, Urban Meyer and Chip Kelly find themselves mentioned very every coaching vacancy that comes available at so called elite programs. However, the elite coaches are always missing when the school has their press conference to announce their next coach.

These coaching vacancies provide a harsh reality check to programs, boosters, and fans, letting them know that they are not as glamorous or as appealing as they had been led to believe. USC Athletic Director Pat Haden was dealt a similar reality check when their A-list of texas fightprospective hires all said no despite Haden’s promise to pay $6 Million annually. Now, don’t get me wrong Steve Sarkistan may turn out to be a home run hire but initial impressions certainly left more to be desired.

Now as the coaching carousel makes a pit stop in Austin the usual list of elite caliber coaches are mentioned to fill the vacancy. Everyone claims to have well placed sources connecting coaches like Mike McCarthy, Jim Mora, Jim Harbaugh, and even Mike Tomlin to the vacancy at the so-called most premiere college football program in the country.

hookem hornsHowever, just like small town beauty who realizes they are not the dime that they had been lead to believe, the Texas Longhorn football program is due to experience a similar fate. Despite Forbes Magazine declaring them as the highest grossing sports program in the nation, they will not be exempt from hearing the harsh two letter word N-O !!!

Once the dust has settled and the dream hires decline or uses the vacancy to get another raise or extension a la Saban, a real candidate will be welcomed with little fan fare and a few shades of disappointment.

longhorns winThe next coach of the Longhorns will likely not have won a conference championship, a National Championship, or even appeared in a BCS Bowl game.

Who fits the bill? Vanderbilt HC James Franklin? Clemson OC Chad Morris? Fresno State HC Tim Deruyter? Only time will tell. Stay tuned…I know I will.

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2013 the year of the Cardinal

year of the cardinalThe Stanford victory over the boyishly frail mighty Ducks cemented 2013 as the year of the Cardinal. Although no national championships or final four banners were won an endless list of athletes from the Farm have sent shock waves to throughout the sports world altering perspectives, challenging bias and making many people uncomfortable along the way.

Seattle Seahawks All-Pro Richard Sherman, class of 2010, altered our view richard shermanon what many thought a Stanford graduate was supposed to look like and act. However, behind the dreadlocks, trash talk and brovado this football genius terrorized opponents and made life uneasy for opposing quarterbacks. Week in and week out he showed fans it was not only his mouth that brought him praise, but his superb play on the field.

As apart of the college football playoff inaugural committee Condoleezza Rice, class of 1981, will play a key role in giving fans what they have been begging decades for. Although her appointment ruffled a few feathers in the Plains her contribution along former Cardinal football coach Ty Willingham and others will play a key role in determining future national champions for decades to come.

Both Jason Collins and Jonathan Martin have caused franchises and their front offices to jason collins be trueacknowledge the pink elephant in the room – homosexuality and mental health. Although both of these men are colossal in size their situations reminded us that you can not judge a book by its cover. Martin and Collins may never play another down or grab another rebound but their contribution to the sports world will be immeasurable.

When we think about Stanford we think about academics but in 2013 the Cardinal truly stood alone. Who will be the next Cardinal from the Farm to show up and show out? There is certainly no shortage of candidates: stanford athleticsIndianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, is it you? Does Shayne Skov have another goal line strip in him? How about you Coach Johnny Dawkins? Or maybe 3-time All-American Chiney Ogwumike has a title run in her? The possibilities are endless, who will it be? Stay tuned…I know I will? – A. Denmark

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No offense, but defense will be the reason Oregon beats Stanford

oregon ducks offenseEach week in the world of college football there are big games played that have national title implications and this week is no different. At the start of the season several teams were believed to have a legitimate shot at winning the title, but each week teams showed us who they were and now its the Oregon Ducks led by Heisman frontrunner Marcus Mariota turn to show us when they go to the farm to take rival the Stanford Cardinals.

Despite losing Chip Kelly to the NFL the Ducks offensive juggernaut has not slowed down one bit. Even after De’Anthony Thomas missed three games due to an ankle oregon ducks replacementssprain the offense rarely missed a beat due to running back Byron Marshall and wide receiver Bralon Addison stepping up and showing out.

However, let’s be honest we have seen this all before, the offensive firepower and stats are impressive and the highlight plays are unforgettable but until they beat their Pac 12 nemesis a BCS championship will always be out of reach.

This Oregon team enters Thursday’s game healthy which was not the case last season, both of their lines resembled the walking wounded. Marcus Mariota has made tremendous strides in his game, he is now using his athleticism to extend plays which will make life difficult for Cardinal defenders

Although their offense will continue to hog the headlines Oregon will beat the Cardinals in the trenches, the place where championship are truly won or lost. The Ducks oregon ducks d lineoffensive line although inexperienced will be facing a wounded Cardinal defensive line that is scary but very thin due to injuries which will reduce the impacts of All American linebackers Shayne Skov and Trent Murphy.

The Oregon defensive line is no slouch either, and with the nation watching this will be their coming out party.  Their line is deep and talented; it averages 6’5″ 300 pounds, Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner are the headliners and at the end of Thursday night they both national commodities. The secondary led be All-American Ifo Ekpre-Olomu is stout and but the linebacker corp although talented will likely give up  a few shots.

oregon ducks we want bamaEvery year fans are lead to believe that this year will be different, that this will finally be the year that the Oregon Ducks get a shot to dethrone and take down the vaunted Alabama Crimson Tide. But before Ducks fans talk Bama they must win the day, beat Stanford and handle things at the farm. Will they? Stay tuned…I know I will – A. Denmark

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Brent Musburger strikes again – Add Holly Rowe to Musburgers on air list of hotties

Brent Musburger makes headlines again  for adding another woman to his ever-growing list of hot women during his coverage of last night’s college basketball snoozer between the Kansas Jayhawks and the Baylor Bears.

After so many years of great commentary one begins to wonder if Musburgers sharpness has begun to fade and he has now assumed the role of the uncensored horny uncle that every family has. Due to his lack of censorship it would not be aBrent Musburger at it again surprise if ESPN begins to reduce his own air duties because when the games are blowouts Musburger runs out of things to say and just turns to the one thing he knows better than commentary, women. Too the surprise of many the old guy continues to get the same pass that every uncle across America gets, the same pass that gives them the freedom to look and say just about anything without fear of being smacked or cursed out.

Holly Rowe ESPNHowever, after single-handed launching the career of Miss Alabama Katherine Webb with his comments in the BCS National Championship game the old buzzard strikes again calling ESPN side line reporter Holly Rowe ‘smoking hot’ during last night’s telecast. It’s unlikely that his comments will get Holly Rowe a spread in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition or boost her twitter followers by 100,000 like it did Miss Alabama. How ESPN responds to Musburgers latest on air flirtation is unknown? But his latest comments makes one wonder if he says this on the air no telling what he does in public. At this point Musburger is teetering on being accused of sexual harassment with celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred standing next to a hot pretty blonde client.

Gloria AllredRegardless of what ESPN does Musburger will continue to remind us of the old uncle that every family has – unedited and uncensored. Despite the college basketball season being a snoozer with Musburger covering the game there will not be a boring moment. Stay tuned…I know I will. – A. Denmark

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My college football blues – The thrill is gone 9 months until the euphoria returns #collegefootball

The Euphoria that follows the kick off of a new season of college football unfortunately inches closer and closer to its final curtain call. The All-american teams have been announced, the hardware has been handed out, and the well deserved assistant has finally earned the chance to run a program. This year was marked by new faces like Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M becoming the first freshman to win the Heisman and the return of Notre Dame from the depth of mediocrity contending for a National Championship after so many yearspetrino of years of disappointment. And who can forget Coach Petrino and the motorcycle scandal that kicked the 2012 college football season off with a bang conjuring up memories of another native Arkansan’s fall from grace.
The Preseason Magazine you bought in May is now wrinkled up in your bathroom or its being used for scrap paper for the little ones. And although your preseason magsfavorite team may have made it to a bowl game, your jubilation at their success is met with sadness because the next game will be the last game. Each week you feverishly switched channels and scheduled your days around the big game that was coming on that Saturday.With each punt return or hail mary that was answered it was the topic of conversation with your friends and peers in the workplace.
Only a Handful of days remain, when we must find something else to fill this void and although the NFL and basketball are options, they just do not hit the spot. What is the cure for this madness? How can we go on? preseason magazines do not come out til June and recruiting will be over in February. The agony the pain of manziel cutcollege football fever, an addiction that spreads from coast to coast, from sea to shining sea.
A Toast to a great season, may it hold us over until another arises that first fateful day in September. Too the true college football fans continue to EAT DRINK SLEEP SPORTZ and we shall enjoy each touchdown as if it was the last one. Be sure to check out my radio show eatdrnkslpsprtz radio every Tues/Thurs. 630 EST and Sat 10am EST for more sports news from myself and friends. Stay tuned… I know I will. – A.Denmark (eatdrkslpsprtz2)
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