Tough Coaching or Abuse: Where do you draw the line?

Tough coaching or abuseWhen a high school prospect agrees to sign with a perspective college or university the parent is entrusting the head coach to look out for the best interest of their child, helping them make the transition to independence and adulthood. Once these kids arrive on campus they undergo hours of orientations to ensure that they adhere to the NCAA policies and do not violate the rules of the institution.

The consequence of violating school or NCAA policies can be costly to an amateur athlete. Former Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant was suspended for a year when it was found that he had lied about visiting Deion Sanders home during the summer of his junior year. Brigham Young University forward Brandon Davies lost a year of eligibility when it was discovered that he had pre-marital sex which was a violation of BYU’s code of conduct.

These penalties cost Oklahoma State a chance to contend for a National Championship and stripped BYU of the opportunity to make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament. However, the message that the NCAA and the institutions were sending was loud and clear: “No one is above the law.”

Even Hall-of-Fame Indiana Coach Bob Knight found himself in front of a coaching bob knight texas techfiring squad when he was caught on film choking one of his players. Although Knight had coached future NBA Hall-of-famers and won his fair share of conference titles and national championships he was not exempt. But where do we draw the line between tough coaching and abuse?

Who is looking out for the best interest of the college athlete? Rutgers University basketball coach Mike Rice actions warranted more than just a 3 game suspension and a 50,000 fine. Rice crossed the line when he threw balls at his player’s head, physically assaulted them, and called them obscene names. Rice’s firing will not wash away the stain that went overlooked for three years at Rutgers by athletic director Tim Pernetti who hired Rice.

mike rice and rutgers basketballIn order for Rutgers to get a fresh start and regain the trust of the New Jersey community and basketball recruits Pernetti may need to be let go since he failed to look out for the best interest of the athletes who were the true victims in this scandal? Should Pernetti be let go for believing that since there not a line of players outside his door that Rice’s behavior was not grounds for immediate termination back in November? In time the answers to these questions and more will come to light. Stay tuned… I know I will.

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College Basketball: A year of uncertainty – Title contenders missing and unaccounted for

cbb top 25Once upon a time in a land far away the landscape of college basketball was not as it is now. In those days teams that were ranked in the top five were actually elite programs due to their talent and not simply due to the names on the front of their jersey. Not long ago NBA-talent was the ultimate game changer that made the gap between traditional programs like Kentucky, UNC, Arizona and Duke were significant.

butler beats iuHowever, due to players leaving early for the NBA Draft these traditionally dominant teams now find themselves among the land of the average fighting for relevance in 2013. A new emphasis on coaching and player development has led to the ascension of programs like Butler, Oregon, Michigan, and Florida. Unable to land the premiere high school recruits these teams have found diamonds in the rough and built a team that has the viable pieces in place to make a legitimate title run.

Although the teams mentioned are not unknowns they have often taken second fiddlemiami beats duke to their more well-known bitter in-state or conference rivals (Kentucky, Michigan State, Arizona, and Indiana). The gap between these so-called premiere programs has closed and each week we have been given indicators of that fact: Duke losing by 30 to Miami; Butler upset Indiana; Kentucky losing by 12 to Texas A&M.

oregon beats arizonaThe lack of elite programs in 2013 brings both a level of uncertainty and excitement to this season. The top 25 rankings goes through a drastic makeover from week to week louisville beat kydue to the endless number of upsets. With March Madness little more than a month away 11 teams from the pre-season top 25 are not even ranked anymore, 5 teams have been ranked number 1, and the Kentucky Wildcats may make history by winning a NCAA title one year and missing the tournament all together the following year.

Despite the disappointing start of the traditional powers the start of conference play gives hopes that talk of the demise of their college basketball season was premature. As March Madness grows near the pressure will continue to mount for Florida, Butler, Oregon, and Michigan to sustain their current standard of excellence.

Next week Michigan will debut as the number one team in the country how they respond michigan basketballwill determine if they are truly ready for the limelight. Stay tuned…I know I will – A. Denmark

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Brent Musburger strikes again – Add Holly Rowe to Musburgers on air list of hotties

Brent Musburger makes headlines again  for adding another woman to his ever-growing list of hot women during his coverage of last night’s college basketball snoozer between the Kansas Jayhawks and the Baylor Bears.

After so many years of great commentary one begins to wonder if Musburgers sharpness has begun to fade and he has now assumed the role of the uncensored horny uncle that every family has. Due to his lack of censorship it would not be aBrent Musburger at it again surprise if ESPN begins to reduce his own air duties because when the games are blowouts Musburger runs out of things to say and just turns to the one thing he knows better than commentary, women. Too the surprise of many the old guy continues to get the same pass that every uncle across America gets, the same pass that gives them the freedom to look and say just about anything without fear of being smacked or cursed out.

Holly Rowe ESPNHowever, after single-handed launching the career of Miss Alabama Katherine Webb with his comments in the BCS National Championship game the old buzzard strikes again calling ESPN side line reporter Holly Rowe ‘smoking hot’ during last night’s telecast. It’s unlikely that his comments will get Holly Rowe a spread in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition or boost her twitter followers by 100,000 like it did Miss Alabama. How ESPN responds to Musburgers latest on air flirtation is unknown? But his latest comments makes one wonder if he says this on the air no telling what he does in public. At this point Musburger is teetering on being accused of sexual harassment with celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred standing next to a hot pretty blonde client.

Gloria AllredRegardless of what ESPN does Musburger will continue to remind us of the old uncle that every family has – unedited and uncensored. Despite the college basketball season being a snoozer with Musburger covering the game there will not be a boring moment. Stay tuned…I know I will. – A. Denmark

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