Hey, #LebronJames Just Shut and Play

stephen curryThe Chosen One has been front page news since his days at Saint Vincent-Saint Mary. His talents on the basketball court morphed him from a sports prodigy into an icon overnight. Wherever the King went he drew a hundreds and thousands of fans who just wanted to be witnesses. But after years of being the headliner, the best basketball player on the planet has become an afterthought. The spotlight had dimmed on the Cleveland and ventured out West.

The King and his Cleveland Cavaliers lost more than just the NBA Finals last season, they also lost their swagger. And a team with no swagger gets very little sympathy but only garners the interest of the masses when they screw up or come up short. And despite having the best record in the Eastern Conference, since the Cavs demise seems to be inevitable the team has garnered more criticism than praise. James triple doubles and wins have taken a back seat to 140 character twitter riddles and in-game chatter with the Flash during a timeout with his team down by 21 points.

cavs jamesBesides the decision, James has made very few mistakes on or off the court. But lately, it seems that besides putting the ball in the basket he simply can’t do anything right. His lack of effort on the defensive side of the ball is downright abysmal. James failure to hold himself accountable has caused his teammates to tune him out. And it seems the only people listening are reporters who he frequently showers with subtle disses of his jr and kyrieteammates and excusing his lack of effort by guaranteeing higher levels of effort in the future.

From Frye low-blows to JR chock-gate to Kyrie love triangles the Cavs are a mess. Even though the Cavs are still in first place, it appears that things will only get worst before they get better. Instead of unfollowing folks on twitter and activating ‘zero dark-23’ just shut up and play. What will happen next? Stay tuned…I know I will.