#AndrewLuck don’t sign on the dotted line

cam n luck.jpegThere was a Pro Bowl Draft yesterday and although the Indianapolis Colts were well represented someone was missing. This year was supposed to be the year of Andrew Luck and after 24 rounds his name was nowhere to be found. After adding weapons via free agency and through the draft Super Bowl 50 was supposed to be Luck’s coronation as the new face of the NFL, not Cam Newton. But one embarrassing loss after the other it became abundantly clear that the Colts were in trouble.  Each time Luck dropped back we were reminded of the Colts idiotic decision to not address an ineffective offensive line that surrendered 353 hits and 123 sacks in three years.

Thanks to Colts GM Ryan Grigson continued oversights Luck was battered and bruised soluck sacked much that it resulted in 8 missed games, a lacerated kidney, and an abdominal tear. But even after Grigson failed to protect the Colts soon to be $100 million dollar asset, his incompetence was awarded with a 3 year extension. Clearly, the Colts have mistakenly presumed that Luck will sign an extension this summer and that my friends is a mistake.

irsay and grigson Besides playing in the weakest division in the NFL there is absolutely no reason for Luck to re-sign with the Colts. His owner Jim Irsay is a druggie, Grigson is the worst GM in the league, and it looks like Chuck Pagano‘s heart just isn’t in it anymore. It doesn’t take a Stanford diploma to realize that a championship window does not exist with the Colts current regime.

Although Luck has continued to take the high road, its time for him to pack his bags and do you feel luck ybecome the biggest free agent in NFL history. If Luck wants to make it to his third contract in one piece he must not sign on the dotted line this summer. This season may not have been the year of Luck but next summer could be THE DECISION,  and he could be asking your favorite team DO YOU FEEL LUCK-Y? Stay tuned…I know I will. – A. Denmark

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