#Warriors out spurred the #Spurs

coach pop and coach kerrWhen I watch the Golden State Warriors play I see a much younger more modernized version of the San Antonio Spurs. The Warriors led by the Splash Brothers shoot threes as easy as the Big Fundamental won five NBA titles hitting bank shots in the paint. But did we really expect a Gregg Popovich disciple to coach his squad any other way? Although a 30-point loss is never enjoyable, a small part of Coach Pop had to be amused to see his offense being used so brilliantly against him. Either by luck or buy design the Warriors were constructed in the Spurs image.

Just like their predecessors, the Warriors roster consists of overlooked guys who 29 other warriorsteams passed on because they  were either too  injury prone,  too small, viewed as draft bust, or simply because they were not their fathers. In spite of their shortcomings as individuals by their talents combined the Warriors now look like a dynasty in the making and Coach Pop is largely responsible.

The Warriors ball movement and willingness to make the extra pass for a better shot is vintage Popovich. Although Stephen Curry will never be confused with Tim Duncan, his ability to embrace a team first mentality has created an infectious championship mindset.

warriors out spurred the spursXs and Os are only as good as  the players running them and the Spurs simply got out spurred, one back cut after the other. The aging vets couldn’t keep up, Lamarcus Aldridge was a no-show, and reigning Defensive Player of the Year Kawhi Leonard was on skates all night. Since the Spurs got out spurred by Spurs-West Coach Pop must make some changes because standing pat just won’t work. Warriors won round 1, do the Spurs stand a chance in round 2? Stay tuned…I know I will.

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