#OKCThunder – If your not 1st your last

durant and westbrookLed by dynamic duo of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, the Oklahoma City Thunder look poised to make a deep run in the NBA Playoffs. Haven’t we heard this before? For eight seasons fans have envisioned banners and a NBA championship parade on Main Street in downtown Oklahoma City. After the Thunder reached the NBA Finals in 2012 most presumed that a return would be inevitable.

However, four years minus two max players and one coach later instead of titles all the Thunder have are woulda-coulda-and -shouldas. Finishing above .500 and making the playoffs is no longer enough. Being third in the Western Conference is not a victory, but awestbrook yelling reminder of how the Thunder are still unable to meet expectation. Blessed with two super stars, health, and depth some losses are simply unacceptable. Simply put, title contenders do not lose to the Brooklyn Nets or the New York Knicks.

The Thunders window is closing and time is running out. If Thunder wish to actually contend they simply need to win the games they are supposed too, i.e. the Knicks. Although it may be tough on some nights, if the Spurs and Warriors do it, why can’t they. Armed with two MVP candidates, a stretch four in Serge Ibaka, the Bash Brothers in Steve thunder nba finals 2012Adams and Mitch McGary, and a deep deep bench.

The talent is there and the Thunder are all out of excuses. Although third place is good for right now, at the end of the season if your not first your last. Will the Thunder finally win when it counts or will this be the last that we see of Durant in a Thunder uniform? Stay tuned…I know I will.




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