R-E-L-A-X #AaronRodgers is just good not great

aaron rodgers and brett favreFor nearly five years Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been hailed as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. The same dude who couldn’t beat out the legend who threw the most interceptions in NFL history in three failed attempts is now thought of as an eventual inductee into the NFL Hall of Fame.

However, the Rodgers hype does not match the resume. After only one Lombardi trophy it seems that all rational and reason has gone out the window. With each Packers win the Rodgers love affair has gotten moreaaron rodgers and mike mccarthy and more out of hand. The early round playoff exits and the poor decision making in clutch moments have been ignored by the masses year in and year out. The criticisms are deflected onto others not named Rodgers on a regular basis.

However, if things do not improve and I mean quick Rodgers may be demoted from great to a very good player and eventually to average which may mean no Hall of Fame. Like a lot of past players, Rodgers has had some good years however greatness is defined by consistent dominance in spite of age, systems, injuries and weapons. True greatness does not rely on the play of others but instead raises the level of play of those around them. That’s how Tom Brady and Drew Brees stamped their tickets to Canton, by winning in spite of their team’s glaring deficiencies.

This season Rodgers has gotten exposed, without wideout Jordy Nelson, the highest paid quarterback in the league has looked rather pedestrian. In spite of the poor play recognition, errand throws, and poor decision making no one has dared to consider that Rodgers may not be all that rodgers sackedgreat. The Lambeau faithful have blamed everyone but ’12’. After each loss the  fans and pundits blamed a different position group. One week it was a poor o-line; another week it was wideouts; and so on and so on. Since Coach McCarthy has now taken over the play calling, there is no one else to blame but ’12’. If Rodgers truly needs Nelson to be great maybe he is not great after all. Maybe Rodgers is just a product of great system. Maybe Nelson or Coach McCarthy should get the bust in Canton instead of him.

aaron rodgers relaxRodgers legacy will be on the line when the Packers travel to D.C.  for the first round of the playoffs. If Rodgers makes another early first round exit then his days of being a bad man are all but over and the chants of him being overrated will grow louder.  Have we seen the last of that bad man? Or is there still fight in him yet? R-E-L-A-X Stay tuned…I know I will. – A. Denmark




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