Please avert your eyes College Basketball is on and its BAD #CBB

badFor years it has become a ritual of mine to pick up my preseason college basketball magazines once a national champion had been crowned on the gridiron. I assumed that this year would be no different however things are very different this year. The teams who are usually contenders are now average at best and the latest crop of supposed freshman phenoms seem to be destined to be either professional benchwarmers or NBA D-leaguers at best. And the one phenom who is actually living up to the hype, Ben Simmons, may not even make it to March Madness.

It appears that many of the so-called 5 stars players pail in comparison to the crop of skal posterizedfreshman phenoms that proceeded them. There does not appear to be a Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, Chris Paul, or Anthony Davis like once in a generational talent in the latest crop of freshman. Maybe we have been spoiled year in and year out and as a consequence the quality of college basketball is hemorrhaging one brick or air ball at a time.

Besides Ben Simmons at LSU, his freshman brethren have left very little to be desired. Skal Labissiere at Kentucky can not shoot and is so thin that he makes a twig look massive. The coach k and ingramDurant comparisons to Duke freshman Brandon Ingram are downright criminal. It is downright blasphemy to compare one of the greatest scorers of all-time to a reluctant freshman whose not even the top scorer on his own team. And the reigning McDonalds All-American and Jordan Ball Classic MVP Cheick Diallo is currently collecting splinters on the bench in Lawrence for Kansas.

For nearly a decade college basketball has feasted off of the hype of its phenomenal freshman. College basketball is best when the diaper dandies live up too the hype, when they don’t we are left with a dreadful year like this. Announcers sound bored out their minds, fans have been much quieter than usual, and prominent coaches have been left scratching their heads.

coaches going crazyMaybe things will get better? But if the clanks and 1-on-5 playground offensive sets continues I will have to send in my resignation as a college basketball fan. Because when the freshman are bad, college basketball is down right unwatchable. Will the Class of 2017 be any different? Stay tuned…I know I will – A. Denmark



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