Warriors win: No Bench, No Glory #nbafinals

cavs benchIn Game 1 of the 2015 NBA Finals we were reminded yet again, that superstars may get the glory, but its the bench that tells the story. 4-time MVP Lebron James was downright unstoppable but in spite of his herculean effort the Cleveland Cavaliers came up short.

While the Cavs bench abandoned the King, the Warrior platoon of second stringers sparked the offense by erasing a 14 point deficit and giving much needed breathers too MVP Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Although the series is far from being over, the play of each team’s bench iggy guards lebronwill ultimately determine which cities no title streak will be broken.

Although championship are often remembered by its stars, we mistakenly overlook the invaluable contributions that are made by the players coming off the bench. Without the clutch plays of Big Shot Robert Horry the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs probably do not win multiple championships. If Steve Kerr and John Paxson three pointers clang off the rim instead of going in there would be no 3-peats, no Chicago Bulls dynasty, and Charles Barkley and the Mailman Karl Malone likely win one championship.

big shot robThe play of both teams bench is invaluable and at this point the Warriors clearly have the edge. Since we know the stars will get their buckets, the only question is which bench will step up. With the status of Kyrie Irving unknown the Cavs bench will be needed now more than ever. If the Lebronettes are no shows in Game 2, a sweep maybe on the horizon because one thing is certain 44 points ain’t gonna cut. Stay tuned… I know I will.


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