Rondo 9-1-1

rajon rondoAfter nearly four seasons of playing meaningless basketball in Beantown Rajon Rondo has finally been rescued from the depths of obscurity also known as the Eastern Conference into immediate title contention with the Dallas Mavericks. The last time Rondo played meaningful basketball Kevin Garnett actually had some bounce in his step, Paul Pierce wasn’t coming off the bench, and Ray Allen was still in the league.

With with one championship and a few NBA Finals appearances under his belt Rondo may believe that he has seen all, but he will soon learn that life in the Western Conference is a different animal. Unlike the Eastern Conference there are no cupcakes out West, every game is grind because playoff position is always on the line because even a three game losing streak could seal your playoff fate.

Led by aging star Dirk Nowitzki the Mavs playoff window is closing and I mean fast. dirk fade awayThe next batch of NBA stars are all out West and so far the age of the Mavericks has began to show. After opening the season on fire the Mavs have come to a simmer and with younger teams poised to break through the Mavs were on the verge of settling for the eight seed for the second year in a row or missing the playoff all together.

Although adding an often injured guard who can’t shoot whose known to clash with teammates and coaches does not guarantee a top seed and a ticket to the finals. By adding Rondo, the Mavs now have five players mavs struggleswho have won NBA Championships which an invaluable trait that could certainly yield dividends in the clutch. Both the Mavs and Rondo are at a crossroad: Mark Cuban‘s ego is on the line and Rondo poised to ball out since a max contract is on the line. Before Rondo basketball in Boston was a joke but after him there was a championship and conference titles galore. Will Rondo be able to do the same for Mavs out west? Stay tuned…I know I will.


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