#DezBryant has led, will the Dallas #Cowboys continue to follow?

cowboys miss playoffsToo the joy of the many who detest the Dallas Cowboys the most, America’s team has been all but irrelevant for ten consecutive postseasons. In fact, Cowboy fans have grown accustomed to witnessing great starts fizzle into disappointing finishes.

Many probably thought history was repeating itself after the Cowboys took a 21-0 and somehow surrendered 24 unanswered points to division rival Philadelphia Eagles. Too the surprise of many, the Cowboys fought back going on a run of their own led by an overachieving defense that finally showed up.

Despite the impressive win, Cowboy fans and even team owner Jerry Jones remain dez bryant heartcautious and are reluctant because they refuse to be heartbroken again. However, led by emotional lighting rod Dez Bryant there appears to be hope. Bryant’s passion and love for the game has fueled the Cowboys during its darkest hours. Although his antics on the sideline have been misconstrued by the media, his rallying cries haven not fallen on death ears.

Bryant has single handedly willed his team to victory, and there is no reason to think that his season of dominance against double and triple coverage won’t continue. Bryant may not be they guy you would want your daughter today, but he is certainly the guy that you can count on delivering in the clutch.

dez bryantIf these winning ways continue remember it was not due to the modicum of inconsistency, Tony Romo or even the NFL’s leading rusher Demarco Murray but that unstoppable force that gives defenders nightmares, Dez Bryant. Although missing and unaccounted for in the league MVP discussion, there is no question he’s the Cowboy’s most important player.Bryant has rescued the Cowboys from the brink of mediocrity, the only question is will they continue to follow? Stay tuned…I know I will.


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