Roy-AL Pain. No excuse there are No #TarHeels titles

unc upset by iowaSince 2010 UNC has loses to Northern Iowa, Belmont,  UAB,  and the College of Charleston. What on earth is going on in Chapel Hill? While other less heralded programs like Oklahoma and South Carolina are doing the most with less the Tarheels continue coming up short one season after the other. And there is absolutely no excuse for it, the Heels have a roster full of McDonalds All Americans and supposed freshman phenoms whose NBA aspirations all but vanished once they walked onto campus.

Chapel Hill used to be an NBA training ground for the league’s best and unc mds.jpgbrightest future stars. Now, the scouts that once came in droves are looking elsewhere for NBA talent. Chapel Hill has now become the place where former McDonald’s All-Americans NBA dreams go to die.

roy n the boys last chipTen years ago Coach Roy Williams won a championship with another coach’s players and was the toast of the town. But the Heels of today are starting to resemble his old disappointing Kansas Jayhawks squads that came up short year in and year out.

Another year of excuses are already beginning to rear its ugly head and yet again there is simply no excuse. The talent gap between the Tarheels and the rest of the country is massive, yet the Heels continue to fall short. The folks in Lawrence cut ties and won a title and six consecutive Big 12 conference title. If the Heels ever plan to reclaim there rightful place among college basketball royalty maybe they should cut ties too because being fourth best in the ACC ain’t going to cut it anymore.

poor roy The end of the Williams era in Chapel Hill could lead to better days for TarHeel Nation because it certainly did for Kansas (6 Big 12 titles and 1 National Championship). Will Roy retire and spare the Heels the trouble? Fed up and embarrassed with the continued  decline of a once proud elite program will the AD axe the Naismith Hall of Famer. Stay tuned…I know I will. – A. Denmark

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Rondo 9-1-1

rajon rondoAfter nearly four seasons of playing meaningless basketball in Beantown Rajon Rondo has finally been rescued from the depths of obscurity also known as the Eastern Conference into immediate title contention with the Dallas Mavericks. The last time Rondo played meaningful basketball Kevin Garnett actually had some bounce in his step, Paul Pierce wasn’t coming off the bench, and Ray Allen was still in the league.

With with one championship and a few NBA Finals appearances under his belt Rondo may believe that he has seen all, but he will soon learn that life in the Western Conference is a different animal. Unlike the Eastern Conference there are no cupcakes out West, every game is grind because playoff position is always on the line because even a three game losing streak could seal your playoff fate.

Led by aging star Dirk Nowitzki the Mavs playoff window is closing and I mean fast. dirk fade awayThe next batch of NBA stars are all out West and so far the age of the Mavericks has began to show. After opening the season on fire the Mavs have come to a simmer and with younger teams poised to break through the Mavs were on the verge of settling for the eight seed for the second year in a row or missing the playoff all together.

Although adding an often injured guard who can’t shoot whose known to clash with teammates and coaches does not guarantee a top seed and a ticket to the finals. By adding Rondo, the Mavs now have five players mavs struggleswho have won NBA Championships which an invaluable trait that could certainly yield dividends in the clutch. Both the Mavs and Rondo are at a crossroad: Mark Cuban‘s ego is on the line and Rondo poised to ball out since a max contract is on the line. Before Rondo basketball in Boston was a joke but after him there was a championship and conference titles galore. Will Rondo be able to do the same for Mavs out west? Stay tuned…I know I will.


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#DezBryant has led, will the Dallas #Cowboys continue to follow?

cowboys miss playoffsToo the joy of the many who detest the Dallas Cowboys the most, America’s team has been all but irrelevant for ten consecutive postseasons. In fact, Cowboy fans have grown accustomed to witnessing great starts fizzle into disappointing finishes.

Many probably thought history was repeating itself after the Cowboys took a 21-0 and somehow surrendered 24 unanswered points to division rival Philadelphia Eagles. Too the surprise of many, the Cowboys fought back going on a run of their own led by an overachieving defense that finally showed up.

Despite the impressive win, Cowboy fans and even team owner Jerry Jones remain dez bryant heartcautious and are reluctant because they refuse to be heartbroken again. However, led by emotional lighting rod Dez Bryant there appears to be hope. Bryant’s passion and love for the game has fueled the Cowboys during its darkest hours. Although his antics on the sideline have been misconstrued by the media, his rallying cries haven not fallen on death ears.

Bryant has single handedly willed his team to victory, and there is no reason to think that his season of dominance against double and triple coverage won’t continue. Bryant may not be they guy you would want your daughter today, but he is certainly the guy that you can count on delivering in the clutch.

dez bryantIf these winning ways continue remember it was not due to the modicum of inconsistency, Tony Romo or even the NFL’s leading rusher Demarco Murray but that unstoppable force that gives defenders nightmares, Dez Bryant. Although missing and unaccounted for in the league MVP discussion, there is no question he’s the Cowboy’s most important player.Bryant has rescued the Cowboys from the brink of mediocrity, the only question is will they continue to follow? Stay tuned…I know I will.


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