The time for Washington name change is now, skins no more

indian meets indianIn light of the scandal that is unfolding with Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his heinous comments my attention turns to another other deplorable act that has been allowed to persist in the public eye in our Nation’s capital. For those folks calling for boycotts and demanding Sterling to surrender ownership I ask where are those same passions demanding a name change for that NFL franchise in our Nation’s capital?

Sponsor are dropping like flies refusing to be associated with this bigot, fans are refusing to attend,Redskins name change and even recording artist have demanded that their music be pulled from the game. But why does it take offending a certain group of people cause such a reaction, while other offenses register little interest or fan fare? Since 1932 the Washington Redskins have been offending many with their name, and despite being aware of the history associated with the offensive name nothing has changed.

Although NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the 31 other owners possess the authority to force Redskins owner Dan Snyder to change the dan snyder and roger goodellname, none of them have been compelled to do so. I find it down right absurd that Goodell can express his disdain for the comments made by Sterling while also having a franchise that’s name is racially insensitive and offensive. Native Americans only make up 2% of the United States population, will they have to quadruple their numbers before their voices are finally heard? What will it take for NFL players to boycott the league and refuse to stand for this injustice no more? An injustice anywhere should enrage us all and inspire us to act. But first the NFL, their sponsors, and the owner must be compelled to act, it has not happened in 82 years, will it happen in year 83. Three months on the job Adam Silver took a stand, when will you? You already flaked once Mr. Goodell with an absurd response, will finally right this apparent wrong? Stay tuned…I know I will.

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