NBA vs Donald Sterling

Sterling GateTypically sports provides us an opportunity to take a timeout from the stresses of life, however the deplorable comments said my Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has made the NBA Playoffs completely unwatchable. Now I know that Sterling may not speak for the other twenty nine owners in the NBA and it may be unfair to judged them all based off the actions of one man.

But if players, coaches, and owners all admit that they were not surprised by Sterling’s recent comments then why did it take thirty-one years to respond? Were his most recent actions any more deplorable than refusing housing to minorities? Sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace? Or his many other unethical business practices?Los Angeles Clippers v CSKA Moscow

Retired NBA Commissioner David Stern simply ignored these unconscionable acts, never issued a fine or a uttered word of condemnation. Stern, the NBA, and the owners did not feel compelled to respond then, why now? His latest actions although distasteful hurt no one, no one was displaced from their homes, and no one lost their job or sense of livelihood. Did Sterling finally cross the line by offending NBA Hall-of-Famer Magic Johnson? And declaring that even Los Angeles Dodgers owner whose worth $800 million dollars was not good enough.

Clippers silent protestNo matter what current commissioner Adam Silver decides, the time to act has long passed. With great power comes even greater responsibility, and a certain level of conduct should be expected. So while the NBA attempts to distance itself from the disgraced Clippers owner to the NBA I say is shame on you NBA, shame on you. Until the members of the billionaire boys club are held to the same level of scrutiny and conduct as their employee and players this will happen again. Will the owner of your favorite team be next?

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