Chicago Bulls good is not good enough. But, is help on the way?

Bulls lose to WizardsThe Chicago Bulls are on the verge of elimination and although no one likes to lose, the Bulls should not hang their heads. When Derrick Rose was lost for the year for the second time everyone thought all was lost. Despite the loss of the face of the franchise the effort and tenacity of the Bulls never wavered. And just when fans thought things could not get any worst the Bulls traded their other All-Star in Luol Deng to the Cleveland Cavaliers. While we all looked bewildered and confused many wondered if Bulls General Manager Gar Forman had threw in the towel on this season preferring NBA lottery balls instead.

Despite the injuries and trades the Bulls weathered the storm of obscurity winning back the affection of fans by taking no nights off and battling for each ball like it was their last. Regretfully, defense and effort plays can only take you so far. Down 0-2 to the Washington Wizards theBulls unimpressive 5 offensive woes have become impossible to ignore. The dismal 4 points scored in the third quarter of Game 2 served as a resounding reality check that the end of the regular season is near. Because defense may still win championships but you gotta at least score more than four points in a quarter to give yourself a serious shot at winning, impossible is nothing but mustering only four points in a quarter making winning close to impossible.

Bulls Big 3At this point elimination from the NBA Playoffs is imminent , but as soon as the regular season comes to an end, the sooner the Bulls can kickoff an off season full of speculation and wonder that will deal with centered around three figures: Thibs, Melo, and Rose. Will Coach Thibodeau get an extension? How healthy is Rose? And last but not least, will Carmelo Anthony take less money and sign with the Bulls making them a legitimate title contender? Is help on the way? In time the answers to these questions and more will be made known, maybe the best yet to come but then again maybe not? Stay tuned…I know I will.

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