O-H-I-uhhh O – Why Buckeyes fans should be worried

big ten mid major conferenceThere was a time not too long ago when the Big Ten Conference was heralded as a premiere conference with tradition rich programs that were all capable of contending for a National Championship. However, those infamous days of glory are no more, despite having their own exclusive network their performance on the gridiron suggest that they are a Mid Major Conference at best. A shade better than the MAC and MWC but light years away from the ACC, Pac 12, Big 12, and the SEC.

During the BCS era we have seen several teams like Louisville, TCU, Utah and Boise State crashed the BCS party and win but never has a mid-major team been given an opportunity to challenge the BCS Big Boys in the National Title Game. The reasoning for their exclusion from the title game was largely due less than impressive conference schedule that did not include wins against teams in the top 25.

ohio state buckeyes urban myers and braxton millerThe Ohio State Buckeyes may find themselves suffering a similar plight, not due to a lack of wins but largely because of the diminished quality of wins that it may acrue in the Big Ten. In week 3 of the season the Buckeyes title hopes was nearly dealt a TKO when rival Michigan squeaked by perennial powerhouse the Akron Zips (1-12).

Finishing the season 13-0 may not be enough to get the Buckeyes in the title game, largely due their conference peers. Although elite in name, tradition, and players the akron vs michiganBuckeyes are now no different than any other BCS Buster that may have to settle for crashing the BCS party instead of getting a ticket to the big dance. Coach Urban Meyer knows this story all too well, being on the outside looking in. Will the Big Ten Conference redeem itself? Are the Buckeyes contenders, pretenders, or offenders? Stay tuned…I know I will .

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