College stars today, journeymen tomorrow?

college football starsAs the current crop of college stars such as Johnny Manziel, De’Anthony Thomas, Jameis Winston and Jadaveon Clowney soak in the stardom by trending on twitter and gracing the covers of GQ, Newsweek, and sports magazines all over the country they should do as the John Legend song says Live it up because who knows what tomorrow will bring

In a time not to long ago college stars such as Tim Tebow, Matt Leinart, and Vince Young, each were the face of college football. Each of them were treated like matt leinart and vince youngdemagogues on their prospective campuses as they lead their elite programs to National Championships and Heisman Trophies. However, as pros each of them has disappointed and their days as stars has passed, gone are the magazine covers and all that remains are the memories of what was and thoughts about what could have been.

These college star are now NFL journey-man whose time in the NFL is already near its end. Leinart and Young shook the hand of the NFL commissioner and were projected to be franchise quarterbacks. However, both National Championship winning quarterbacks have been roster casualties, cut by four teams and considered by many to be draft bust.

johnny manziel partyingThis phenomenon is not new; college football fans have witnessed it time and time again with former college stars like Ken Dorsey, Tommy Frazier, and Mike Williams who all flamed out  once they made it in the NFL. The lesson to Johnny Football, the Black Mamba, Famous Jameis and others is too live it up, because your college years has been and will forever be the best time of your lives. Who will be the next college star to join the exclusive college star has been association? Stay tuned…I know I will – A. Denmark


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One thought on “College stars today, journeymen tomorrow?

  1. Love it-Great article!

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