O-H-I-uhhh O – Why Buckeyes fans should be worried

big ten mid major conferenceThere was a time not too long ago when the Big Ten Conference was heralded as a premiere conference with tradition rich programs that were all capable of contending for a National Championship. However, those infamous days of glory are no more, despite having their own exclusive network their performance on the gridiron suggest that they are a Mid Major Conference at best. A shade better than the MAC and MWC but light years away from the ACC, Pac 12, Big 12, and the SEC.

During the BCS era we have seen several teams like Louisville, TCU, Utah and Boise State crashed the BCS party and win but never has a mid-major team been given an opportunity to challenge the BCS Big Boys in the National Title Game. The reasoning for their exclusion from the title game was largely due less than impressive conference schedule that did not include wins against teams in the top 25.

ohio state buckeyes urban myers and braxton millerThe Ohio State Buckeyes may find themselves suffering a similar plight, not due to a lack of wins but largely because of the diminished quality of wins that it may acrue in the Big Ten. In week 3 of the season the Buckeyes title hopes was nearly dealt a TKO when rival Michigan squeaked by perennial powerhouse the Akron Zips (1-12).

Finishing the season 13-0 may not be enough to get the Buckeyes in the title game, largely due their conference peers. Although elite in name, tradition, and players the akron vs michiganBuckeyes are now no different than any other BCS Buster that may have to settle for crashing the BCS party instead of getting a ticket to the big dance. Coach Urban Meyer knows this story all too well, being on the outside looking in. Will the Big Ten Conference redeem itself? Are the Buckeyes contenders, pretenders, or offenders? Stay tuned…I know I will .

Alabama gets exposed in win, blueprint to beat Tide revealed

johnny manziel and nick sabanThe game called the rematch, Texas A&M vs. Alabama exceeded expectations, and it appears that a new rivalry has been born. Although Coach Nick Saban survived the Manziel Magic his reputation as a defense stalwart took a huge hit surrendering over 628 yards of total offense.

Despite having an embarrassment of riches and a bevy of five star recruits, the defensemike evans and cyrus jones looked average. Do not get me wrong, the defense was disciplined and schematically sound, but the Tide have NO play-makers on the defensive side of the ball. No reliable edge rusher to terrorize opposing quarterbacks; No shutdown corner to keep offensive coordinators up at night; and no space eater that stops the run.

In a winning effort the defense got exposed as imposters living off of the glory and reputations of past teams who dominated on the defensive side of the ball. Although Saban is relieved that he survived, he and everyone in Roll Tide Nation should be very nervous. Defensive coordinator Kirby Smart must do something to address his secondary and lack of a consistent pass rush, because SEC teams like les miles and mark richtLSU, Ole Miss, and Georgia are licking their chops biting at the bit to take down the reigning BCS Champions.

nick saban yellingAgainst the Aggies, Coach Saban looked completely helpless, with no clue how to stop or thwart one Manziel heisman moment after another. Historically, Saban has struggled with containing mobile quarterbacks and spread offenses in days past and all of the teams who are considered serious threats to the Crimson Tide dynasty all have mobile quarterbacks, run elements of the spread offense, and possess play-makers who stretch the field and that frequently make mince meat of man-to-man coverage.

Although it is ludicrous to write the Crimson Tide as a title contender, their shootout bcs title contendersthis past Saturday revealed a chink in the armor that could give opposing teams a fighting chance in defeating the reigning BCS Champions. After giving up 628 yards of total offense, what will the Crimson Tide defense do for an encore? Their challengers are waiting. Stay tuned… I know I will #rolltide

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Eagles win, but is the best still yet to come?

eagles offenseOn Monday Night Football the Philadelphia Eagles new offense was on full display against the Washington Redskins for the world to see. Although the formations were nothing new the pace was unrelenting, the Eagles high-octane offense registered 53 plays in the first half!

The Eagles offensive weapons were nothing short of amazing, Mike Vick was making life miserable for the spying linebackers; Lesean Shady McCoy wasphiladelphia eagles offense juking and jiving; and Desean Jackson had the Redskins secondary gasping for air. Besides one unique formation Coach Chip Kelly showcased a fast pace offense that even had fans, commentators, and referees gasping for air.

No one ever doubted the skill or play-making ability of the Eagles offensive weapons,lesean mccoy against redskins many questioned their ability to all stay healthy during the regular season.The Eagles offensive weapons have developed a reputation of being an injury waiting to happen: Vick has only played one season without a missing a game due to injury, Desean has a history of concussions, and Lesean is only a year removed from a debilitating knee injury.

At least for one night Eagles fans got to see the full arsenal on display, we all bared witness to how electrifying this offense could be. We witnessed the opposing defense gasping for air unable to keep up with high-octane Eagles offense. However, it was also hard to ignore the slumping Eagles offensive lineman who were also clearly gassed by halftime.

eagles offensive lineAlthough the Eagles play-makers will continue to garner most of the headlines in the City of Brotherly Love, the fate of Eagles season will be determined by the mercurial left tackle Jason Peters; rookie right tackle Lane Johnson; center Jason Kelce; and guards Evan Mathis and Todd Herremans. They were nothing short of impressive against the Redskins opening up rushing lanes for McCoy and giving Vick time in the pocket. But if they were bent over sucking wind in week 1, its hard to presume that the best is yet to come. Will the Eagles offensive line fall victim to their own pace? Stay tuned…I know I will. – A. Denmark

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USC Trojans and Texas Longhorns: Then (2006) and now

reggie bush scores against longhornsIn the 2006 BCS National Championship the Texas Longhorns and the USC Trojans played in what many now consider to be one of the greatest championship games of the BCS era. College football fans far and wide remember where they were when they witnessed Vince Young, Reggie Bush, and Matt Leinart go toe to toe one jaw dropping play after the other.

Each year both of these proud programs replenish their rosters with 5-star recruits poised to duplicate the success of their predecessors but since that fateful night when the Longhorns defeated the Trojans nothing has been quite the same. In week 2 we learned that when Cougars attack Longhorns and Trojans crumble.

For nearly a decade Coach Mack Brown averaged nearly 10 wins a season and had anfire mack brown embarrassment of riches due to the fertile recruiting ground in the state of Texas, where football is life. But after a devastating loss to a undermanned and less talented BYU Cougars team many scratching their heads trying to figure out how in the heck it happened. The Longhorn defense was brutalized on the ground by a quarterback coming off an ACL injurybyu beats texas who amassed 259 yards rushing. Former five-star recruits like linebacker Jordan Hicks and defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat continue the dismal trend of high school All-Americans who fail to live up to expectations as Longhorns. Brown fired defensive coordinator Manny Diaz after Saturday’s embarrassment, will Mack Brown be next to go?

The Lane Kiffin era was also dealt a serious blow as the Trojans lost the Washington lane kiffin blame gameState Cougars for the first time in eight years. There was a time when the Trojans were the kings of college football but due to NCAA sanctions, scholarship reductions, and parody in the Pac 12 has made this once proud program shadows of itself.

For many patience is a virtue but in the world of college football with boosters, televeision networks, and recruiting patience is a nonexistent phenomenon that will not buy you as much time as it used too. Although lane kiffinthe Longhorns and Trojans are both 1-1 the coaching hot seat is heating up for Mack Brown and Lane Kiffin in week 2 of a 15 week season. After embarrassing losses to undermanned teams, what will these once proud programs do for an encore? Stay tuned… I know I will

College stars today, journeymen tomorrow?

college football starsAs the current crop of college stars such as Johnny Manziel, De’Anthony Thomas, Jameis Winston and Jadaveon Clowney soak in the stardom by trending on twitter and gracing the covers of GQ, Newsweek, and sports magazines all over the country they should do as the John Legend song says Live it up because who knows what tomorrow will bring

In a time not to long ago college stars such as Tim Tebow, Matt Leinart, and Vince Young, each were the face of college football. Each of them were treated like matt leinart and vince youngdemagogues on their prospective campuses as they lead their elite programs to National Championships and Heisman Trophies. However, as pros each of them has disappointed and their days as stars has passed, gone are the magazine covers and all that remains are the memories of what was and thoughts about what could have been.

These college star are now NFL journey-man whose time in the NFL is already near its end. Leinart and Young shook the hand of the NFL commissioner and were projected to be franchise quarterbacks. However, both National Championship winning quarterbacks have been roster casualties, cut by four teams and considered by many to be draft bust.

johnny manziel partyingThis phenomenon is not new; college football fans have witnessed it time and time again with former college stars like Ken Dorsey, Tommy Frazier, and Mike Williams who all flamed out  once they made it in the NFL. The lesson to Johnny Football, the Black Mamba, Famous Jameis and others is too live it up, because your college years has been and will forever be the best time of your lives. Who will be the next college star to join the exclusive college star has been association? Stay tuned…I know I will – A. Denmark


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