Countdown to College Football

college football mapCollege football fans have grown restless and antsy waiting anxiously to tailgate, paint their faces, and prepared to spend their Saturday’s rooting for their favorite team and praying their team does not become the latest victim of the upset bug which makes college football so exciting.

In other sports Goliath always wins but in college football David always has a fighting a chance. Each season new stars take the stage, we have witnessed the Honey rg3 and johnny manzielBadger, RGIII and his Superman socks, and last year this guy named Johnny Manziel took the stage. Which unknown player is poised for stardom? What program will under achieve? Which program will surprise us all?

There are 119 Division I football teams and they all are tied 0-0. the time for them to separate themselves is almost here. USA Today and the Associate Press have released their preseason polls but in all honesty there nothing more than glorified guesses that either excite or infuriate fan bases who are experiencing football withdrawal. There are three constants with preseason rankings that never change: (1) 3 teams from the top five will finish the season unranked;(2) the Preseason Heisman favorite will not win; and (3) Michigan, Florida, and Florida State will not live up to their loft ranking.

The Southeastern Conference has dominated the BCS era winning 8 National Championships, will their dominance continue or has the reign finally come to an end? Teams like the Oregon Ducks, Stanford Cardinals, and the Ohio State Buckeyes all urban meyer ohio state buckeyesbelieve they have the horses to dethrone reigning BCS Champion, the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Will the Ducks make a seamless transition to Coach Mark Helfrich? Will the Buckeyes duplicate an undefeated season despite their loses along the defensive line? Will the Cardinals be able to weather a tough conference slate despite not having any proven play-makers on offense that stretch the field?

Fan bases all over the country are anxiously awaiting the answers to these questions and more. The madness, excitement, and euphoria is almost here. Stay tuned…I know I will – A. Denmark

Anthony Denmark is a writer for Follow him on Twitter@eatdrkslpsprtz2, “Like” him on Facebook or add him to your network on GoogleListen to eatdrnkslpsprtz radio  Subscribe to podcast


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