Life after Dwight Howard – Laker fans will hate him now but thank him in 2014

d12 jersey burningAlthough Los Angeles Lakers fans burned their Dwight Howard jersey after news broke of Dwight Howard’s indecision and his stage left exit to Houston. Yes, Howard is the most dominant big man in the game, yes Howard could have been the next great Laker big man. But after an experiment gone horribly wrong would the Lakers have been able to improve on a disappointing 2012 season with Howard at the helm for the first three months of the season.

Laker faithful recall the stress and undue frustration that you experienced when Howard pouted up and down the court, complaining about shots, and struggling on the free throw. For the moment the Houston Rockets are viewed as the winners of the Dwight-sweepstakes but in reality what have they really won? A three-time defensive player of dwight howard hurtthe year with back and ongoing shoulder concerns. A one-dimensional liability with a limited arsenal of offensive moves and unreliable target in the clutch due to poor free throw shooting.

Howard may go on to win a NBA Championship in Houston but his recent history suggest that it may not be a virtual certainty. Howard may have passed on $30 million dollars to sign with the Rockets but the flexibility he provides for the Lakers regarding the future is immeasurable.

lakers future big 3Laker fans may not realize it now but this same time next year when the Lakers are having a press conference welcoming their next big three stars and a possible 2014 lottery pick, the number of Howard thank you letters will be overwhelming because without his indecision a brighter future for Laker-nation would not have been possible.

2 thoughts on “Life after Dwight Howard – Laker fans will hate him now but thank him in 2014

  1. Magic, Lakers, Rockets…Is Houston finally the place where DH12 will find true happiness?

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