Miami Heat – Life After the NBA Finals

Future of the Miami Heat big 3The championship confetti in American Airlines Arena has been swept and the Miami Heat’s $100,000 champagne tab has been paid after celebrating their second NBA Championship in three attempts. Once the final siren has rung commemorating a memorable season tough decisions about the future must be answered.Do you pick up point guard Mario Chalmers $4 million dollar player option? Do you bring back the Birdman and trust that he has finally conquered his demons of drugs and chris birdman andersensubstance abuse?

Although many pundits suggest that Chris Bosh or Dwyane Wade may be moved, the reality is that these perennial All-Stars are used goods that would not fetch equal market value. This season Bosh was exposed as a one dimensional pushover whose stock is at a all-time low. And after year of violent collisions in the paint Wade’s value also took a significant hit and his longevity is definitely in doubt.

Despite the $200 million dollars worth of uncertainty as long as Lebron James continuesdwayne wade bruised knee his rein as the best basketball player on the planet, the Heat will continue to be a prohibitive favorite. As long as the King maintains his rein talented veterans will happily take a pay cut in their quest for a NBA Championship to secure their own legacy.

While the big name free agents will garner most of the headlines and press clipping, veteran big men like Chris Kaman, Elton Brand, and Samuel Dalembert may hold the key to the Heat securing their third NBA Championship in South Beach.

Chris Kaman and Elton BrandLast season opposing teams brutalized the Heat with their inside power, a need for length and girth is critical to fend off all challengers. Kaman, Brand, and Dalembert have already collected their fare share of millions, which one will be willing to take the sizable pay cut to solidify the Heat’s front line? Although the euphoria of a second NBA title is still fresh as soon as the Heat address their off season concerns, talks of third NBA title can soon begin. When Heat President of Basketball of Operations, Pat Riley calls, which veteran big man will answer? Stay tuned… I know I will – A. Denmark

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