Clippers find their man – Just what the Doc Ordered

chris paul doc rivers blake griffinAfter years of being the butt end of jokes the Los Angeles Clippers finally made a franchise changing move that may alter the landscape not just in the Staple Center but in the entire Western Conference. For years Clippers owner Donald Sterling refused to invest the money needed to build a championship caliber team, but it after initially getting cold feet by giving the green light to acquire Doc Rivers , the donal sterling oh a pennyClipper’s owner is a penny pincher no more.

Although it takes more than an elite coach to win a title, it certainly serves as a comfortable building block for brighter days in the horizon. The Rivers acquisition was clearly a move made to ensure that first team All-NBA point guard Chris Paul signs his extension and commits to being a Clipper for life.

Rivers and Paul promises to be an entertaining dynamic especially since both possess type A personalities that often ruffles the feathers of their peers and teammates. For the first time in his career Paul will be coached by someone whose won a championship which has to an exciting dynamic that will push the talented future Hall of Famer.

deandre jordan and eric bledsoeThe River’s hire is likely to be the first domino to fall in an eventual off-season for Clippernation. Promising back-up point guard Eric Bledsoe‘s days are numbered and 7 foot pogo stick DeAndre Jordan knows his future is in doubt after nearly being traded to the Boston Celtics last week.

The Clippers entire roster is in flux and although it appears that Paul and Blake Griffin are returning, their may be three new starters dawning red and white next season, not including the bench. It appears thatcp3 team Paul has been given the key to the Clippers, he has selected his coach, who will he select next to help resurrect this once proud franchise from the depth of disappointment and out of the shadow of the other Staple Center resident? Stay tuned… I know I will – A. Denmark

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