Life after the Finals: The future of the San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs Big 3 and PopovichAs the conclusion of an exciting 2013 NBA season draws near a champion will be crowned, win or lose the San Antonio Spurs will find themselves at a crossroad where the future is uncertain. Despite the inspired play of Manu Ginobili and the age defying resurgence of Tim Duncan no one is capable of defying the inevitable, father time.

For nearly twenty years Spurs fans have grown accustomed to Coach Popovich, his infamous scowl and intolerable demeanor but he is no spring chicken either. Pop has won 4 NBA title but would you blame him if he decides to ride off to the sunset along with the two stars, Ginobili and Duncan who he molded and shaped into eventual Hall of Famers?

While fans and pundits live in the moment the future of the Spurs is an intriguing topic in itself. Since the Spurs are unlikely to capture the number 1 pick anytime soon the time to unearth the next batch of stashed European talent has arrived. And while Adam Hanga Spursfranchises mull over American talent, the Euros that the Spurs have drafted are poised to step in. When the Spurs selected Adam Hanga from Hungary in the second round it registered a zero on the interest scale, but his impressive showing in the Euro-league has many calling him the next Ginobili.

Although their transition to the NBA will not be seamless it appears that the cupboard is far from bare. Their addition combined with the continued maturation of youngsters Spurs next 3Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard the Spurs next Big 3 lead by Parker, the best point guard in the league makes the future appear even more tantalizing.

Despite the potential of another decade of playoff promise the fate of the Spurs rests with Popovich. How many more years does he have left? When Popovich calls it a career will Spurs decline follow? Which assistant or coach will take the reins once Pop retires? Avery Johnson? Mike Brown? Vinny Del Negro?

But instead of mulling the uncertainty of the future its best to act like Spurs fans and enjoy the ride and the ever infamous scowl because it unknowingly may be the last. Stay tuned… I know I will.

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