Tim Tebow: Patriot today, but tomorrow may not be promised

tim tebow bill belichick and tom brady Tim Tebows prayers were answered by the most unlikeliest of people, as the hooded one, New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick rescued Tebow from having to consider a career change. Many had thought that Tebow had played his last down in the NFL, but it looks like Belichick had other plans.

For years the Patriot offense operated like clock work, but with Wes Welker now in Denver catching passes from Peyton Manning and with the dynamic tight end duo of Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski spending more time on operating tables than on the field, their is room to be nervous.

Since the status of the Patriots play-makers remains unclear the need to find offensivegronkowski and hernandez pieces to make life better for Tom Brady was needed. Although it is unclear how Tebow will be used, it is safe to presume that if he can contribute the Patriots will get him on the field in some way. However, for those who foolishly believe that Tebow will be given time to learn the quarterback position by holding a clip board for a few years, I remind you that Belichick’s patience is about as long as the drawstring on his hoodies.

For the past three seasons the Patriots have acquired big name free agents that only last one season before Belichick got fed up and cuts them. Heck, Deion Branch an invaluable offensive contributor has patriot today cut tomorrowbeen released and signed for the past three years. Belichick may have rescued Tebow from having to consider a career change once but if he fails to produce his time him Boston may be short lived. Like Albert Haynesworth, Brandon Lloyd, Chad Johnson, and Corey Dillion who were all big name free agent signings that did not get a second season in New England.

The Patriots may have given Tebow a chance, but if he wishes to make it to season 2 hein bill we trust must produce immediately or else this opportunity may be his last. For the sake of his NFL career lets hope he does not blow it because in Patriot land tomorrow is never promised. Stay tuned…I know I will – A. Denmark

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