Miami Heat – Life After the NBA Finals

Future of the Miami Heat big 3The championship confetti in American Airlines Arena has been swept and the Miami Heat’s $100,000 champagne tab has been paid after celebrating their second NBA Championship in three attempts. Once the final siren has rung commemorating a memorable season tough decisions about the future must be answered.Do you pick up point guard Mario Chalmers $4 million dollar player option? Do you bring back the Birdman and trust that he has finally conquered his demons of drugs and chris birdman andersensubstance abuse?

Although many pundits suggest that Chris Bosh or Dwyane Wade may be moved, the reality is that these perennial All-Stars are used goods that would not fetch equal market value. This season Bosh was exposed as a one dimensional pushover whose stock is at a all-time low. And after year of violent collisions in the paint Wade’s value also took a significant hit and his longevity is definitely in doubt.

Despite the $200 million dollars worth of uncertainty as long as Lebron James continuesdwayne wade bruised knee his rein as the best basketball player on the planet, the Heat will continue to be a prohibitive favorite. As long as the King maintains his rein talented veterans will happily take a pay cut in their quest for a NBA Championship to secure their own legacy.

While the big name free agents will garner most of the headlines and press clipping, veteran big men like Chris Kaman, Elton Brand, and Samuel Dalembert may hold the key to the Heat securing their third NBA Championship in South Beach.

Chris Kaman and Elton BrandLast season opposing teams brutalized the Heat with their inside power, a need for length and girth is critical to fend off all challengers. Kaman, Brand, and Dalembert have already collected their fare share of millions, which one will be willing to take the sizable pay cut to solidify the Heat’s front line? Although the euphoria of a second NBA title is still fresh as soon as the Heat address their off season concerns, talks of third NBA title can soon begin. When Heat President of Basketball of Operations, Pat Riley calls, which veteran big man will answer? Stay tuned… I know I will – A. Denmark

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What to do During the Off-Season – Try Out Cycling

toure de franceIn Europe its gone pretty quiet on the sports front. Most major leagues are finished, the U21 tournament came to a close and we only have the confederation cup to watch – even if Italy v Japan was a reasonably exciting game. Our thirst for sport is not fulfilled, we the avid fan have not had our fill of competitive prowess. Looking for more? We would suggest watching the Dour de France this year.

Whilst there has been some negative press about cycling this year, with Lance Armstrong coming lean about former doping allegations, there are nevertheless some of the finest athletes in the world, competing in one of the hardest tournaments in the world; which is celebrating its 100th birthday. Kicking off June 29th and coming to a close on July 21st as always it promises to be packed with thrill and excitement from start to finish.

This year there is a fine balance of mountain stages, flat, sprint and three time trial stages. The event organisers have planned something that aims to inspire and challenge the most talented cyclists in the world.

Former British cycling champion Bradley Wiggins will not make the event due to sickness and lack of training, so it will be down to the other teammates from Team Sky to hold the fort with Chris Froome the new Sky Leader.

Contador as always looks strong and threatening as ever, back from a ban last year he is looking to take the crown of cycling and work the magic for the Saxo Tinkoff boys. It can’t go without saying that Cadel Evans as always poses a threat as does Garderen so it will be interesting to see how the three weeks play out and in the favour of which style cyclist.

We are excited about the tour this year, with it being the centenary edition as well as cycling making a new name for itself following doping allegations. This is going to be a challenging and thrilling ride and should definitely help fill the sporting void, that is at least until we can watch some decent football! – Lisa Perkins

Clippers find their man – Just what the Doc Ordered

chris paul doc rivers blake griffinAfter years of being the butt end of jokes the Los Angeles Clippers finally made a franchise changing move that may alter the landscape not just in the Staple Center but in the entire Western Conference. For years Clippers owner Donald Sterling refused to invest the money needed to build a championship caliber team, but it after initially getting cold feet by giving the green light to acquire Doc Rivers , the donal sterling oh a pennyClipper’s owner is a penny pincher no more.

Although it takes more than an elite coach to win a title, it certainly serves as a comfortable building block for brighter days in the horizon. The Rivers acquisition was clearly a move made to ensure that first team All-NBA point guard Chris Paul signs his extension and commits to being a Clipper for life.

Rivers and Paul promises to be an entertaining dynamic especially since both possess type A personalities that often ruffles the feathers of their peers and teammates. For the first time in his career Paul will be coached by someone whose won a championship which has to an exciting dynamic that will push the talented future Hall of Famer.

deandre jordan and eric bledsoeThe River’s hire is likely to be the first domino to fall in an eventual off-season for Clippernation. Promising back-up point guard Eric Bledsoe‘s days are numbered and 7 foot pogo stick DeAndre Jordan knows his future is in doubt after nearly being traded to the Boston Celtics last week.

The Clippers entire roster is in flux and although it appears that Paul and Blake Griffin are returning, their may be three new starters dawning red and white next season, not including the bench. It appears thatcp3 team Paul has been given the key to the Clippers, he has selected his coach, who will he select next to help resurrect this once proud franchise from the depth of disappointment and out of the shadow of the other Staple Center resident? Stay tuned… I know I will – A. Denmark

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Life after the Finals: The future of the San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs Big 3 and PopovichAs the conclusion of an exciting 2013 NBA season draws near a champion will be crowned, win or lose the San Antonio Spurs will find themselves at a crossroad where the future is uncertain. Despite the inspired play of Manu Ginobili and the age defying resurgence of Tim Duncan no one is capable of defying the inevitable, father time.

For nearly twenty years Spurs fans have grown accustomed to Coach Popovich, his infamous scowl and intolerable demeanor but he is no spring chicken either. Pop has won 4 NBA title but would you blame him if he decides to ride off to the sunset along with the two stars, Ginobili and Duncan who he molded and shaped into eventual Hall of Famers?

While fans and pundits live in the moment the future of the Spurs is an intriguing topic in itself. Since the Spurs are unlikely to capture the number 1 pick anytime soon the time to unearth the next batch of stashed European talent has arrived. And while Adam Hanga Spursfranchises mull over American talent, the Euros that the Spurs have drafted are poised to step in. When the Spurs selected Adam Hanga from Hungary in the second round it registered a zero on the interest scale, but his impressive showing in the Euro-league has many calling him the next Ginobili.

Although their transition to the NBA will not be seamless it appears that the cupboard is far from bare. Their addition combined with the continued maturation of youngsters Spurs next 3Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard the Spurs next Big 3 lead by Parker, the best point guard in the league makes the future appear even more tantalizing.

Despite the potential of another decade of playoff promise the fate of the Spurs rests with Popovich. How many more years does he have left? When Popovich calls it a career will Spurs decline follow? Which assistant or coach will take the reins once Pop retires? Avery Johnson? Mike Brown? Vinny Del Negro?

But instead of mulling the uncertainty of the future its best to act like Spurs fans and enjoy the ride and the ever infamous scowl because it unknowingly may be the last. Stay tuned… I know I will.

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Tim Tebow: Patriot today, but tomorrow may not be promised

tim tebow bill belichick and tom brady Tim Tebows prayers were answered by the most unlikeliest of people, as the hooded one, New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick rescued Tebow from having to consider a career change. Many had thought that Tebow had played his last down in the NFL, but it looks like Belichick had other plans.

For years the Patriot offense operated like clock work, but with Wes Welker now in Denver catching passes from Peyton Manning and with the dynamic tight end duo of Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski spending more time on operating tables than on the field, their is room to be nervous.

Since the status of the Patriots play-makers remains unclear the need to find offensivegronkowski and hernandez pieces to make life better for Tom Brady was needed. Although it is unclear how Tebow will be used, it is safe to presume that if he can contribute the Patriots will get him on the field in some way. However, for those who foolishly believe that Tebow will be given time to learn the quarterback position by holding a clip board for a few years, I remind you that Belichick’s patience is about as long as the drawstring on his hoodies.

For the past three seasons the Patriots have acquired big name free agents that only last one season before Belichick got fed up and cuts them. Heck, Deion Branch an invaluable offensive contributor has patriot today cut tomorrowbeen released and signed for the past three years. Belichick may have rescued Tebow from having to consider a career change once but if he fails to produce his time him Boston may be short lived. Like Albert Haynesworth, Brandon Lloyd, Chad Johnson, and Corey Dillion who were all big name free agent signings that did not get a second season in New England.

The Patriots may have given Tebow a chance, but if he wishes to make it to season 2 hein bill we trust must produce immediately or else this opportunity may be his last. For the sake of his NFL career lets hope he does not blow it because in Patriot land tomorrow is never promised. Stay tuned…I know I will – A. Denmark

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