Sob City: Los Angeles Clipper eliminated, now what?

clipper championship rosterFor the past two season the Los Angeles Clippers have attempted to take a huge step out of the shadow of the team that they share the Staple Center with. However, after two early playoff exits the Clippers have come to a crossroad where finishing a season above .500 is no longer enough.

Although the highlight dunks and jaw dropping lobs have revitalized a fan base that was once nonexistent the Clippers enter the off-season in uncharted waters. The fate of the Clipper organization will ultimately be determined by the decision of their First Team All-NBA point guard Chris Paul who is a free agent this summer.

Will Paul demand the Clippers to hire a coach of his choosing since he frequently clashed with Coach Vinny Del Negro during the regular season? Remember, Paul wanted out of New Orleans because he wanted to contend for an NBA championship. Although Paul could make more money by resigning with the Clippers, the diminutive point guard has never been driven by the benjamins.

chris paul yellingThis will likely be Paul’s last max extension of his career, so its critical for the Clippers to present a convincing championship blue print in order to get Paul to sign on the dotted line because their current roster will not cut it.

Although great for highlight reel dunks, the Clippers big men continue to be huge liabilities during the playoffs which frequently force Paul to carry the load on his own, which is the reason why he wanted deandre jordan and blake griffinout of New Orleans in the first place.

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan have failed to expand their game outside of one foot from the basket which are huge causes for concern. With a roster full of aging players near their end and only one trade-able asset in Eric Bledsoe the Clippers cp3have little room to revitalize the roster.

Many foolishly considered it be a lock that Paul would resign with Clippers but one glance at the current roster and the limitation of their big men all equate to a summer of uncertainty for Clippernation. Did we see Paul in a Clippers jersey for the last time? Stay tuned… I know I will.

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One thought on “Sob City: Los Angeles Clipper eliminated, now what?

  1. When the season started I would have bet ( and lost) that at least one of the L.A. Teams would still be playing basketball in May…It will be interesting to see where Paul ends up..

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