Blueprint to a NBA Championship – Spurs stability vs Heats star power

miami heat earned not givenAfter the Miami Heat assembled their big three many franchises believed that the way to win a NBA title is by signing big name free agents and teetering on the verge of luxury tax disaster in order to be crowned as NBA Champions.

Several teams foolishly followed suit assembling their own versions of the big three but none of those teams are in the conference championship fighting for an opportunity to dethrone the reigning NBA Champion Heat.

Big market teams like the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, and the Los Angeles Los Angeles Lakers $100 Million RosterLakers led by their billionaire owners foolishly thought that they would simply write a blank check and the 2013 NBA Championship would be theirs for the taking.

As these owners get a strong dose of humility while in luxury tax purgatory small market franchises continue to thrive despite building a title contender on a budget. The San Antonio Spurs continue to be the standard for small market franchises who refuse to overpay players and rely on superb scouting and player development programs.

Although small market teams like the Indiana Pacers and the Memphis Grizzles will never win a popularity contest or ever attract big name free agents one thing is certain, these teams will likely find themselves in the conference finals for decades too come.

Since the San Antonio Spurs will be returning to the NBA Finals for the first time sincesan antonio spurs dynasty 2007 the table it set for a clash for the ages. If the Heat duplicate their  impressive performance in Game 3 its very likely that the Heat will clinch the east.

If the Heat and Spurs clash the game as well as how to construct a NBA Championship will be on the line. Both formulas have resulted in NBA Championship but which style will win in the end.

nba big three eraThe Heat big three which was assembled via the free agency and the decision. And the Spurs wise three which was constructed through the NBA Draft. Which big three take its place as one of the best of all-time? Coach Pop, the Big Fundamental and his crew or The King and his court? Stay tuned… I know I will – A. Denmark


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Johnny Manziel – #tebowmania = #johnnyfootball, why Manziel will slide in 2014 NFL Draft

johnny manziel and tim tebowFive years ago college football’s biggest star was an undersized quarterback with an unorthodox throwing motion that electrified the world of sports with his clutch play, his grit, and a emotional promise speech that was immortalized on a statue in front of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida.

Tim Tebow had led the Florida Gators to 2 BCS Championships titles, a Heisman, andtebowing had built a fan base of millions that had never ever been seen before in the world of college sports. Tebow-mania was then magnified even more after he led the Denver Broncos to a AFC West Division Title and a second round upset of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Never before had an athlete graced the cover of GQ Magazine, Newsweek, and Vogue all within the same week, which further enhanced his celebrity status.

However, when his fortunes changed the same glamor and media attention ultimately was his undoing and now looking for work which was no fault of his own. NFL front office personnel could not ignore his deficiencies as a passer and were unwilling to deal with the circus that would ensue if they signed him.

johnny football haircutJohnny Manziel aka Johnny Football, reigning Heisman winner, is now the face of college football, his after hour exploits and the infamous fumble touchdown against Alabama has also made him a celebrity in his own right. Just like his Heisman-brother, Manziel has built a significant following which rivals that of Tebowmania. Manziel has been projected by many to be a lock for the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft by popularity alone despite being undersized, a slight build, and a questionable arm strength.

After witnessing the good, the bad, and the ugly of Tebowmania will an NFL franchise take a chance on another SEC quarterback who has thrived at being impromptu but johnny football and lebronbails at the first sign of trouble? Don’t get me wrong Manziel certainly has the tools to be an asset in the NFL, but will a franchise being willing to deal with the media attention that follows the quarterback who has become the star the stars want to meet. Who vacations with Drake, takes batting practice with the Texas Rangers and has Lebron James and Chris Paul on speed dial? Stay tuned… I know I will – A. Denmark

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NBA Coaching Carousel – Hired. Fired. Then hired again. When will the vicious cycle end?

nba coaching carouselAt the end of every NBA season the coaching firing squad ensues and the franchises who failed to live up to expectation find themselves back at the drawing board searching for a new coach to excite a fan base and make their perspective franchise relevant once again.

Franchises invest millions of dollars to unearth hidden gems in remote countries all over the country but for some reason these same franchises fail to invest the same time in searching for their next coach instead selecting one from the Fired Basketball Coaches Association, ‘FBCA’.

Although a few fired coaches have won NBA Championships in their second stint, Doc Rivers and Rich Carlisle, its time for NBA tom thibodeau jeff van gundyfront offices to finally think outside of the box. All eight of the teams remaining in the playoffs took the road less traveled hiring long time assistants, ex-video recorders, and an ex-commentator.

When the defending NBA Champion Miami Heat hired a longtime video recorder as its erik spoelstra miami video recordernext coach Erik Spoelstra was a great unknown. However, in only three short seasons he won nearly 400 game as well as a NBA title.

When pundits were calling for a big name hire for the Chicago Bulls and the Indiana Pacers these franchises did entertain anyone from the ‘F.B.C.A’ and instead hired long time assistants Frank Vogel and Tom Thibodeau who have been home run hires.

As the NBA coaching carousel continues prominent names like Scott Skiles, Byron Scott, Mike Dunleavy, and Nate McMillian will continue to be mentioned as top candidates  nba coaching vacancywhile little known assistants may the one to lead your franchise back to prominence. Six NBA franchises must find their next leader, will they go with the popular big name hire? Or will they venture down the road less traveled? Stay tuned… I know I will.

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Sob City: Los Angeles Clipper eliminated, now what?

clipper championship rosterFor the past two season the Los Angeles Clippers have attempted to take a huge step out of the shadow of the team that they share the Staple Center with. However, after two early playoff exits the Clippers have come to a crossroad where finishing a season above .500 is no longer enough.

Although the highlight dunks and jaw dropping lobs have revitalized a fan base that was once nonexistent the Clippers enter the off-season in uncharted waters. The fate of the Clipper organization will ultimately be determined by the decision of their First Team All-NBA point guard Chris Paul who is a free agent this summer.

Will Paul demand the Clippers to hire a coach of his choosing since he frequently clashed with Coach Vinny Del Negro during the regular season? Remember, Paul wanted out of New Orleans because he wanted to contend for an NBA championship. Although Paul could make more money by resigning with the Clippers, the diminutive point guard has never been driven by the benjamins.

chris paul yellingThis will likely be Paul’s last max extension of his career, so its critical for the Clippers to present a convincing championship blue print in order to get Paul to sign on the dotted line because their current roster will not cut it.

Although great for highlight reel dunks, the Clippers big men continue to be huge liabilities during the playoffs which frequently force Paul to carry the load on his own, which is the reason why he wanted deandre jordan and blake griffinout of New Orleans in the first place.

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan have failed to expand their game outside of one foot from the basket which are huge causes for concern. With a roster full of aging players near their end and only one trade-able asset in Eric Bledsoe the Clippers cp3have little room to revitalize the roster.

Many foolishly considered it be a lock that Paul would resign with Clippers but one glance at the current roster and the limitation of their big men all equate to a summer of uncertainty for Clippernation. Did we see Paul in a Clippers jersey for the last time? Stay tuned… I know I will.

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