Dwight Howard – Why sign with the Lakers? Houston is the better option

dwight howard indecisionHas there ever been a team who had a more disappointing season than the Los Angeles Lakers, at the start of the season fans envisioned the return of the showtime Lakers all they got was a fistful of misfortune and injuries while Coach Mike Dantoni refused to budge or change his philosophy. The Lakers are at a crossroad and every roster spot on their bench is filled with uncertainty. Bogged down with aging players, huge salaries, and a disgruntled front office the future does not look too bright.

Although Dwight Howard can sign an extension with the Lakers, the questions pundits have failed to ask is why should he? Howard left the Orlando Magic in pursuit of a NBA Championship, and honestly, the Lakers do notfortunes of the Los Angeles Lakers have the coach, the financial flexibility or the talent to surround Howard with the pieces he needs to win a title. The Lakers core may be recognizable by name but the games of Steve Nash, Paul Gasol and Metta World Peace is completely unrecognizable.

Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest players of all time is recovering from a devastating injury and despite his efforts he will not be able to defeat father time. If Bryant is able to return and be his dominant self, he only intends to play for two more years.

These factors alone are reasons why Howard would be wise to ignore the lore and lights of Hollywood and think long term about the state of the Lakers franchise. Signing an extension with the Lakers would certainly earn hims loyalty and favor with the Lakernation but it may cost him a Kobe Bryant and Paul Gasol Los Angeles Lakerschance at winning a NBA Championship.

Last season Howard was victimized by his desire to want to be loved, has Howard finally grown up? And will he decide to do what’s best for him? Because their is a team in Houston with lots of money to spend, a young super star, and all they need is an intimidator down low. Will Howard answer the call, or succumb to the pressure of Laker-nation? Stay tuned… I know I will – A. Denmark

Anthony Denmark is a writer for eatdrnkslpsprtz.com. Follow him on Twitter@eatdrkslpsprtz2, “Like” him on Facebook or add him to your network on Google. Listen to eatdrnkslpsprtz radio Tues/Thurs 630 PM EST

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