Heat win streak ends at 27: Heat win in losing effort

Lebron James Miami HeatSince February the Miami Heat have captivated the nation winning 27 consecutive games as they attempted to break or tie 33 straight wins set by the 1971 Los Angeles Lakers. Although the Heat fell short their attempt made each regular season game matter, they gave fans a reason to tune in and watch instead of waiting until the playoffs.

Now that the 27 game win streak is over Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra will reduce the minutes of his stars and prepare to win the 16 games that really matter, the ones needed to repeat as NBA Champions. Maintaining the record-breaking winning streak was extremely taxing and there were  many time that both Lebron James and Dwayne Wade looked exhausted. Wade missed the last two games due a swollen knee and James had a few injuries scares along the way.

No longer worried about the win streak I expect the Heat to let Wade and his salmon Lebron James and Dwayne Wadecolored pants sit on the bench while little used veteran shooters Mike Miller and Jame Jones dust off their jersey and shorts and break a sweat for once this season.

Although regular season streaks are impressive if they do not equate to championships then they do not matter. When the Big Three decided to join forces in Miami Beach they said their goal was to win multiple championships, not just one.

miami heat failFor a moment imagine if the Heat had broken the streak but failed to win a title what would have happened? The press would have questioned the judgment of Coach Spoelstra? Talks of Lebron being unable to win the big one would have resurfaced? And blame may have been placed on Chris Bosh being soft and Wade’s age and ailing knees.

By losing now the Heat are able to lick their wounds from a brutal regular season and enter post season play well rested. Their loss to Bulls only assured that the Heat stars will wearing suits on the sidelines as the regular comes to an end. Although their tailors may be happy, the rest of the NBA just sighed in annoyance. Will the Heat be beat when it counts or repeat as NBA champions? Stay tuned… I know I will

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