Super Bowl 47 Eatdrnkslpsprtz Interactive Extravaganza

Super Bowl 47Eatdrnkslpsprtz and his band of friends will be covering the Super Bowl and all its antics with the help of sports contributors, fashion experts, singing enthusiasts, and betting experts. The game itself is only half of the fun.

Who will have the best commercials? Did the referee blow the call? And how long was beyonce super bowl 47the Harbaugh hug at the end of the game? These things and more will be discussed by a panel so diverse it would make the UN look bad.

The Super Bowl Extravaganza goes live at 4:30 EST which is two hours before kick off. So like the great and honorable Terrell Owens once said Grab a good seat and Get your popcorn ready. Simply click the link below and join the discussion on Super Bowl Sunday Stay tuned… I know I will – le bon tempe roule

Click Here

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