New York Jets – Rex Ryan, writing checks that his Jets cant cash #jets

A year ago before his highly anticipated match up against crosstown rival the New England Patriot the ever enigmatic Jets head Coach referred to himself as a future Hall-of-Famer while also dawning a make shift Hall of Fame coat presuming that a bust of his image was a foregone conclusion. Not one to bite his tongue Rex Ryan finally appears to be at a lost for words as his Jets will miss the playoffs for the second year in a row with major changes and firing within the organization on the horizon. < Rex Ryan = ‘alligator mouth, hummingbird a-$ – ti’> rex hall of fame

The dismal play of the offense is unacceptable, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez appears to have completely lost his confidence after throwing 3 interceptions in a game for the fourth time this season. After leading the Jets  to two consecutive AFC Championships expectations for him to take the next step as an elite quarterback appeared to be virtual certainty. But the Jet front office failed to retain any of the play-makers who made those playoff runs possible (Braylon Edwards, Brad Smith, Jerricho nfl bust o meterCotchery). The front office’s decision to go in a more affordable direction would not have been a problem had they not drafted so horribly. From 2010-2012 the Jets have drafted twenty players which has only produced 2 starters, 11 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, and 10 sacks combined this season (

Bad player evaluations has led to wasted draft selections, poor player development, and an aging defense has truly been a recipe for disaster. The future of the Jets franchise is unknown as the front office continues to make bonehead moves like signing Mark Sanchez to an extension guaranteeing him 8 million next year and who can forget the Tebow-bania that has now been reduced to a whimper with him being a permanent fixture on the tebow gqsideline with clipboard in hand. An off-season filled with hype and shirtless runs in the rain are reasons why this once proud franchise has become the laughing-stock of the league. In order to change the fate of New York’s ‘other’ NFL team wholesale changes are in order. The lack of leadership and cohesiveness is so clear that a blind man can see it.

At this point it may be given that the general manager and the president of football operations may be sporting new NFL apparel next season. Although the continues to gain steam the chances of him returning for another year may hinge on how the Jets finish the season. The Rex Ryan era has been anything short of boring from Superbowl predictions, to self-appointed Hall-of-Fame enshrinement, Rex Ryan has certainly ensured that the Jets were always relevant. Those antics are tolerable as long as you are collecting W’s but now those wins have now been replaced with embarrassing loses, in-game spats with players, and division amongst Jets players in the locker-room.

jet fans brown bagsAlthough the future of the Jet franchise is unknown the downward trend guarantees that the Jets will be preparing for more than just the NFL draft once the regular season comes to an end. Have we seen the last of Rex as Jets head coach? Is Mark ‘I throw picks for fun’ Sanchez still the franchise quarterback? Have we seenjest fans the last of Tim Tebow in the Big Apple? No matter what happens the J-E-T-S jets jets jets off-season promises to be a compelling one. Stay tuned… I know I will – A. Denmark

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