Dallas Cowboys: 4-5 Falling Star – Many have questions. But who has answers? #dallascowboys

As the Dallas Cowboys continue to disappoint for yet another season news of suspended Coach Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints contract being voids has many in Dallas lost in the world of what-ifs. Although Dallas Cowboy owner and general manager Jerry Jones pledged his allegiance to Coach Garrett everyone knows he did not earn his billions by showing his hand. 

There was a time when the Cowboys were regulars in the Super Bowl however it seems that the consistency of winning has been replaced with unforgettable fourth quarter blunders that have left the Cowboy faithful lost and weary. It has been nearly fifteen years since the Cowboys have made it past the second round. During that time the Dallas Cowboys have mastered the fourth quarter collapse with flawless precision, Romo’s fumbled field goal snap in the 2009 playoffs still hurts many of my friends to this very day.

Currently sitting at 4-5 how the team performs the remainder of the season will make for an entertaining off-season that will not be short of drama and suspense. Although quarterback Tony Romo has taken a lot of heat while at the helm talks regarding a contract extension still remain unresolved. No one will contest the inconsistency of his play but signing him to an extension almost seems like a foregone conclusion due to the lack of studs available via the draft or free agency.

Head Coach Jason Garrett despite his high football acumen his Cowboys continues to fail to meet expectations despite the potential and talent available to produce an explosive offense. Cowboy owner Jerry Jones made his billions by knowing when to drill for oil and when the time has come to drill elsewhere. At the two-year mark many believe that the time has come to move on.

On last Sunday it was reported that Coach Sean Payton’s contract with the New Orleans Saints was voided making him available as a free agent to the highest bidder. Due to Sean Payton’s history with the Cowboys and his family living in Dallas many have made the Cowboys a prohibitive favorite to win the bidding war for his services.

If Sean Payton returns to run the show in the Big Easy do not be surprised to hear Oregon Coach Chip Kelly become an attractive commodity that’s offensive track record would certainly tickle the fancy of the billionaire oil man. Chip Kelly said no to the Buccaneers last year will he able to do the same to the Dallas Cowgirls Dallas Stadium and a impressive array of pieces on offense?

Despite their slow start, unlike Mike Shanahan of the Washington Redskins who has already conceded the season all is not lost in Dallas. The pieces to make a long playoff run are certainly there but how the season ends will make the Dallas Cowboys my top pick for Hard Knocks for the next off-season due to all of the drama that would certainly ensue. It is very possible that boisterous defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and his defense will be the key that ultimately determines the future of the franchise, and the fate of their head coach. What will be the first domino to fall? Will Romo get an extension. Stay tuned to America’s team I know I will – A. Denmark

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