Road2BCS: Week 8 was nothing short of exciting, thank you college football gods #bcscountdown

Wow what a Saturday, from overtime thrillers to unexpected blowouts college football certainly was far from a snoozer. We have reached the midpoint of the college football season and the second BCS rankings will be out pretty soon, and so far the unexpected has become the norm for six straight weeks. In only a short time both preseason title favorites LSU and USC have suffered early season losses and the prohibitive Heisman favorites Geno Smith and Matt Barkley are now on the outside looking in just hoping for invites to the ceremony in New York’s Big Apple.

At the start of the season so many teams had high hopes of breaking through but the harsh reality of a college football season has left its fair share of bruises and casualties. Despite two early season losses that football team in State College continues to surprise the masses after yet another convincing win over the Iowa Hawkeyes.

For yet another season it appears that the SEC is conducting its own version of a playoff elimination format which will determine who plays for the BCS National Championship. Not even the gator faithful would have predicted that Coach Muschamp would have his team ranked as the second best team in the country. However, after another convincing win over top ten foe South Carolina Gamecocks the Gators have survived the toughest part of their schedule. Led by Matt Elam on defense and with Jeff Driskel continued improvement a showdown between crosstown rival FSU stand in the way of Will Muschamp facing his mentor Nick Saban and his Alabama Crimson Tide for an opportunity to play for the BCS National Championship.

Not to be outdone, the Oregon Ducks out west have steam rolled the competition averaging nearly 40 points per game and resting most of its starters by halftime. Led by an explosive offense it appears that not even Matt Barkley and his USC Trojans will pose much of a threat to the Ducks as they appear destined to face an SEC foe in Miami for the BCS National Championship.

Although there are a number of other BCS title contenders it will be interesting to see how squads like the undefeated Kansas Stat Wildcats and the Oregon State Beavers respond with increased pressure to perform and produce on a consistent basis. Each of these teams face trap games and if they are not careful they may find themselves victims of their own success. The Washington Huskies and the Texas Tech Red Raiders have already upset two top ten teams already this season, if they are not careful each of these national championship long shots may be next.

As one Saturday ends college football fans will certainly have more weeks of upsets and overtime thrillers in store. Only at season’s end will we truly know who the best team in the country is, until then all we can continue to do is just guess and enjoy. To my true college football fans, stay tuned… I know I will – A. Denmark

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