What a week in the world of sports – Lance Armstrong + Alex Rodriguez + CFB + NFL = #sportsheaven

What a week in the world of sports, although my interest is  usually limited to football and the occasional basketball game, this week was certainly an exception. Oddly enough traditional yawners such as cycling and baseball became the talk of the town.

On Monday Lance Armstrong made headlines for yet another public break up and no it was not with longtime girlfriend Sheryl Crow. After 7 Tour de France titles, being the first couple of cycling, and raising hundreds of millions of dollars together for cancer research Nike had finally decided enough was enough and took its money and parted ways. Although they have both agreed to still be friends for the sake of the Livestrong Cancer Research Foundation it appears that neither party will neglect their shared love interest and will continue to work together as partners from a distance.

Not one to be outdone Alex ‘A-fraud’ Rodriguez also made headlines this week when he gave a fan his number and was benched after his dismal performance during the playoffs. Although a player being benched is a common course of action when the manager believes he is ineffective but when that player is earning nearly $30 million dollars a year it is a big problem. For years A-Rod has walked his own path and his out of this world talents led many to overlook his diva-likementality. However, after admitting his use of performance enhancers and steroids his talent has been on a major decline. The Yankees appear to be stuck with this $30 million aging has been for another four years due to his no trade clause, but with a long off-season ahead the New York media and our pal Donald Trump will certainly be an off-season the pinstripe faithful will remember.

After surviving the perils of hump Wednesday football fans were greeted with a good NFC West slug-fest between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers although this was not a game to watch with the wife including sprinkle of Tamar and Vince on WEtv or Greys Anatomy on ABC probably would have made this game more palatable.

This Saturday there is a chock full of games with national championship implications and premiere games with Heisman contenders vying for supremacy. Will Florida protect its house when Marcus Lattimore and the South Carolina Gamecocks come calling? How will Geno Smith respond when he faces the Kansas State Wildcats after being demolished last week by the Texas Tech Red Raiders?

The NFL slate on Sunday also will be one not to miss, there is speculation that Tim Tebow will take some snaps at running back. Terrell ‘t-sizzle’ Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens is rumored to be playing this week after tearing his Achilles six months ago. Will these play-makers make a difference on the gridiron, expectations could not be any higher..

This weekend promises to be one of excitement, and before kick-off of this weekend’s action get a head start on your honey do-list, briefs, and everything else the wife and kids may ask you to do. Stay tuned… I know I will – A. Denmark

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