USC Falls: A True Hollywood Story, but how will it end #fighton #usctrojans

At the beginning of the college football season fans were bombarded by the media with the hype of USC returning to glory led by their latest Golden Boy Matt Barkley and his two premiere thoroughbred wide receivers Marquise Lee and Robert Woods. However, on Saturday night the Trojans were dealt a huge blow to their championship hopes when they lost to the bruising Stanford Cardinals for the fourth consecutive year.

Although it may appear that all hope is lost, in reality there is still a lot of college football left to play and although their chances to hoist the BCS Championship appears slim there is still hope.  Since 2007 6 teams with one loss have played for a BCS National Championship and 4 those teams went on to be crowned as National Champions (LSU, Florida {twice}, Alabama). The reason these fortunate four found themselves contending for the Sears Trophy was due to the strength of their conference schedule and although the Southeastern Conference has touted itself as the toughest conference in the land, this year the depth of the Pac 12 has already began to flex its muscle.

In order for the Trojans to rise back up the rankings they must root for their bitter  Pac 12 rivals to continue to win, the conference currently has 4 teams ranked in the top 25 (UCLA, USC, Oregon, Stanford) and 3 other teams (Oregon State, Arizona, and Arizona State) who have collected non-conference wins over perennial powerhouses Wisconsin and Oklahoma State. If there was any year that a one-loss team from the Pac 12 can contend for the National Championship this is the year.

If you look at the Trojans schedule you will find that they play five teams who will be ranked in the top 25 (ASU, Arizona, Oregon, UCLA, Notre Dame, and Pac 12 title). Three of these games will be headliners and if they are able to survive this gauntlet unscathed and injury free they WILL be playing in the National Championship probably against an SEC foe.

The loss to Stanford brought a lot of glaring weaknesses to the light: poor quarterback play, poor conditioning, injuries, and a lack of depth along the offensive and defensive line. How Lane Kiffin and his staff address these gaping will determine the fate of the Trojans. The talent is there, but what good is talent if you fail to develop it.

Despite their five-star talent on defense it appears that Monte Kiffin’s defense is only scary in reputation alone, so far his success on the NFL level has failed translate to the college level. Last week USC surrendered 455 yards to Syracuse, a team that only won 1 Big East Conference game last year.  And this past Saturday the Cardinal offensive line literally took the Trojans behind the woodshed and beat them like Ingrid beat Tiger Woods with a 9-iron.

Outside of Colorado every other team on their schedule has the talent to follow the same blueprint the Stanford Cardinals used to win. How the Trojans respond during this time adversity will impact both the race for the Heisman Trophy and the National Championship landscape. There is still time for the USC TROJANS to contend for a title, will they fight on or chose to wither in defeat? Stay tuned… I know I will – A. Denmark (@eatdrnkslpsprtz)

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