Euro Cup 2012: Spain Wins, Mario Balotelli of Italy world icon in losing effort #italianchosenone

With the NBA season over and the NFL and college football still months away I presumed that I would spend my Sunday watching Season 1 & Season 2 of Breaking Bad. But after reading the New York Times piece about Mario Balotelli, the talented but enigmatic striker for Italy’s National Team I found myself scrolling through highlights to find out about the EURO 2012 soccer tournament that was being watched in every home and pub around the world.

While Americans were anxiously awaiting the MLB All-Star Selection Show (yawn!!!) or start of NBA free agency (Dwight Blackmail), the rest of the world was glued to the television to see one of the most athletically gifted footballer in the world attempt to unseat a Spanish National Team that is being hailed as one of the greatest teams of all times. Their dominance on the national stage is equivalent to the Dream Team with MJ and Magic whose average margin of victory was nearly 60 points per game in the Olympic.

Millions tuned in to watch Mario Balotelli, either to witness his antics or to see an amazing highlight only a few footballers in the world could replicate. Although Balotelli was the reason I gave my Breaking Bad disc set a rest after twenty minutes I completely forgot that he was on the field.

All my attention and focus immediately went to the unselfish play of the Spanish National Team. Their precision passing was truly a thing of beauty, each pass was so crisp and there was never a wasted motion. It became evident that this team was operating as one mind, everyone was aware of where they needed to be and there was never any sense of panic or concern. The Spanish goalie could have taken a nap because the ball rarely made it pass midfield minus the few lobs of desperation that was brief and non threatening.

Although Balotelli got all the headlines leading up to the EURO Cup Final once the final whistle sounded it was the Spanish team that was the victor after a dominant performance over the undermanned Italian team, 4-0. Once the game concluded I realized I had watched the greatest soccer team in the modern era who dominance can neither be questioned or contested.

In addition, I also learned about the great Mario Balotelli, who appears destined for greatness, the ‘Italian Chosen One’, so much pressure for a young only 21-years old. Stay tuned… I know I will. – A. Denmark (@eatdrnkslpsprtz)

3 thoughts on “Euro Cup 2012: Spain Wins, Mario Balotelli of Italy world icon in losing effort #italianchosenone

  1. Sad to see Italy go down in such a way, but Spain – wow! Look out World Cup!

  2. Spain KILT Italy. Balotelli is like the Dennis Rodman of soccer. Lol.

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