Eatdrnkslpsprtz Thursday Night Sweet 16 Primer: Project Runway Meets NCAA!!

NCAA Sweet Sixteen Thursday Night Primer

Any other year the momentum of the final four would have been headline news, however because of NFL free agency and the Saints getting the death penalty the Sweet Sixteen has been nearly forgotten. In a mood to see individuals lay it on the line and go after loose balls like it’s their last? Then you are in luck, because the games on Thursday will not include many potential lottery picks, but teams that will play fundamental basketball and play with a lot of effort and tenacity. Too my ladies looking for a reason to watch the game, let me tell you this one secret, the more you know about sports the more you can get a man to do. So here is a quick rundown of Thursday’s Games and the reason why you should tune in:

Marquette v. Florida

Why watch Florida Gators: Florida relies heavily on the three point shot and they frequently run the floor with four guards. Although the Gators will shoot threes a plenty, if they want to win this game they must win the battle on the boards, they cannot get out toughed. I wonder how many Tebow posters will be on display tonight.

Why watch Marquette: For my walk the runway all stars avid watchers, you certain are in for a treat when you see Coach Buzz Williams tie and shirt combination. The players for this team have taken on the toughness of their head coach, although they are not as talented as many teams they win a high percentage of games because of their pressure defense and relentless effort on the boards. Marquette must avoid getting into early foul trouble and win the rebounding battle in order to minimize the threat of the Gators three barrage

My Pick – Marquette wins because defense not only wins championship but games as well. Marquette will out-tough the Gators and bully them into submission

Wisconsin v. Syracuse

Why watch Syracuse Orangemen: The Orangemen has had to overcome a number of distractions this year, from the allegation of sexual harassment by their former assistant coach, rumors of ineligible players failing drug tests, and losing their inside force in Fab Melo due to academics. Despite these distractions the team has remained focused and continued to flourish. In an effort to make the game more entertaining test your spelling by trying to correctly spell some of the players on the Orangemen bench. In addition to giving them incredible athletic ability their parents truly did not lack in the creativity department when selecting a name for their sons.

Why watch Wisconsin: Each year the Badgers are underrated and rarely get much mention by college experts during the preseason. However, once tournament time arrives the Badgers always find themselves in the thick of things. Although very few of Bo Ryan’s players will have a pro career after graduating, the effort and skill that they demonstrate on the court is truly remarkable. They are lead by their point guard who rarely makes mistakes and always makes the right pass to get his teammates into the flow of the game

My Pick Syracuse wins, although the game will not feature many Sportscenter highlights Syracuse’s depth will be too much for the Badgers to handle and fatigue will set in by the second half

Michigan State v. Louisville

Why watch Michigan State: There was time when the players stayed four years and fans was able to watch a young man’s game mature and develop, Draymond Green is that rare commodity. Although an undersized forward with limited pro potential his game reminds you of Shane Battier from the Duke Blue Devils. It is truly entertaining to watch this four-man lead the break because he is a true match up nightmare. In addition, it always amazing to see Coach Izzo comfort his players and press the right buttons to get maximum effort. Your atleast guarantee a Magic Johnson sighting, showtime!!

Why watch Louisville: The Cardinals lead point guard Peyton Silva is a one man fast break that can single handedly take over a game and impact it on both ends of the floor. It will be intriguing to see how the young freshman forward Dieng plays when matched up against All-American Green. Another reason to watch is to see if Coach Pitino rocks the white suit, your not supposed to wear white after labor day right?

My pickMichigan State wins in a close one due to the clutch play of Michigan State’s All-American  Draymond Green who has been posting amazing numbers during the tournament – A.Denmark (@Eatdrnkslpsprtz)

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