Who Dat!?!?: Commissioner Goodell thats who! Goodell < Hammurrabi's Code

NFL Commissioner Goodell has often been criticized for not showing leniency toward players with his steep fines and suspensions that forced many players around the league to think before they leapt and pause before they spoke. In only a short span of time Roger Goodell has made it his mission to clean up the NFL image and protect the seal. After suspending Saints Head Coach Sean Payton for the year, and suspending former defensive coordinator indefinitely a message was sent to everyone in the league, from the players to the front office representatives.

Like the Under Armor Commercial, Commissioner Goodell has certainly ‘protected his house’ . Since taking over as the commissioner in 2006 the culture of the NFL has changed. Goodell believed that player safety and the integrity of the game needed to be preserved. As the amount of fines began to increase due to illegal hits and player misconduct a lot of players cried foul alleging that the punishments were too harsh or they criticized the appeals process.

But interestingly enough, the head coaches and coordinators stood silently choosing to not contest the suspensions or fines of their players. I don’t ever recall Coach Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers questioning the suspension and fines of Harrison or Coach Fisher of the Saint Louis Rams standing up for Cortlan Finnegan? Do you?

However, these coaches and coordinators are now crying foul as two of their own are suspended for jeopardizing the safety of players and compromising the integrity of the seal. I believe the decision by Roger Goodell is correct, no one is bigger than the seal and it important that coaches and NFL front offices be held to a higher standard. When others presumed that the commissioner would turn a blind eye or dish out a minimal punishment Roger stood pat.

In a country where we tout free will and freedom of expression, in the NFL there is one ruler and his power will neither be contested, questioned or overruled. Playing football in the NFL is a privilege not a right, and today everyone was given notice.  [Roger Goodell > Hammurabi’s Code (eye for an eye tooth for a tooth)]

Denmark Prognosis – Williams is a great defensive mind that could do wonders at the college level as a head coach. However, I believe that his loyalty will be tested. Will he snitch? Will Williams name names in an effort to get an opportunity to coach in the NFL again? This was the first round of suspensions, current and former Saints players start saving your checks because a hefty fine awaits or worst you may have played your last down in the NFL (i.e. Vilma, Fujita, Porter, and Ellis). – A.Denmark (@Eatdrnkslpsprtz)

2 thoughts on “Who Dat!?!?: Commissioner Goodell thats who! Goodell < Hammurrabi's Code

  1. Awesom Article! Keep up the good work!

  2. Are you even a Packer fan? Or for that matter a ftooball fan? Seriously, maybe Green Bay is only a small market team, but how would this not be good for all of ftooball to go to a multiple city format. Think of the history and tradition that Green Bay brings to the NFL. And not to mention it may enlighten players about the culture of playing in such smaller markets rather than judging them for the stigma they carry. Just another perspective to think about.

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