Tim Tebow: Where Art Thou??

This past season we were witnesses to Tebowmania everyone from the sisters in the chapel to the stay at home mom with three kids; all over the world everyone had an opinion about the young quarterback who wore his faith on his sleeve. As the victories continued to mount the Tebow following grew and became a hot topic on shows like the View, a skit on Saturday Night Live, and his likeness even made the front page of Newsweek Magazine. Tebow inspired millions with his play and made many doubters believers with his now legendary performance in the  AFC Division Playoffs victory against my Pittsburgh Steelers.


However this week, we were each given a reality check, although Tebow inspired many with his exploits his inconsistent play and horrible mechanics led to the Denver Broncos front office questioning his long-term future with the franchise. Despite the wins, his poor footwork and dismal accuracy did not sit well with the Denver Broncos. Although Tebow led the Broncos to the AFC West Division title, winning in the NFL ‘the Tebow way’ simply was not enough.

With the Manning Sweepstakes now coming to an end another quarterback’s professional future now comes into question. What is Tim Tebow’s trade value? Where will he end up? After the Manning news conference and after he holds up the Broncos jersey with Elway and Coach John Fox, the questions about Tebow’s future landing spot will become the topic of widespread conversation.

Throughout his career Tim Tebow has overcome adversity, frequently making doubters believers but what happens next? The most high-profile third-string quarterback in history is without a home, and does not appear to have a landing spot where a starting quarterback job awaits him. Tim Tebow has been in the league for three years and has improved very little as a quarterback, in a time of instant gratification where coaches rarely finish out their contracts, no one can afford to wait for him to develop.  Last year Cam Newton and Andy Dalton were pro bowlers in their first year and the bar has been set high and the expectation for young quarterback has changed, they are now expected to produce immediately.

Although it is unlikely that Tim Tebow will be jobless for long, the fate of his career will be dictated by the team that decides to take a flier on him. If he wishes to remain in the league long-term I am hopeful that he will decline any offer to go to any team in Florida and settle for a back up job with an organization with a solid quarterback coach.Tebow has a bright future, and in the weeks to come we will soon find out if that future will include a long career in the National Football League.

Best Landing Spots for Tebow in the World According to Denmark:

1. New England Patriots 2. Green Bay Packers 3. Buffalo Bills 4. Pittsburgh Steelers

Stay Tuned… – A.Denmark (@Eatdrnkslpsprtz)

7 thoughts on “Tim Tebow: Where Art Thou??

  1. 1. New England Patriots 2. Green Bay Packers 3. Buffalo Bills 4. Pittsburgh Steelers

    None of the above. I think Skip might be on the mark when he said Jacksonville. It seems like a likely spot. Of course would he fit in when that team goes to L.A. Who knows?

    • If Jacksonville signs him Tebow will certainly sale jersey and fill seats but he likely would not grow much as a quarterback. If Tebow wishes to stay be a quarterback in the NFL ‘longterm’ its critical that he got to a team with a proven quarterback coach so that he can spend the season learning without any pressure to be the starting quarterback. A year holding the clipboard did wonders for Michael Vick, he improved his footwork, mechanics and his ability to read defenses. Its critical that Tebow get this tutelage from a proven quarterback coach and Greg Olsen from Jacksonville does not warrant much confidence due to lack of experience developing proven quarterbacks

      • I agree with that. At the same time I don’t know where else he would go. It looks like a lot of teams are set already. It will probably be someone out of left field that gets him. New England could be an odd ball choice if I had to pick one. Brady is getting older and Bill can make odd situations work.

      • Its really unfortunate that there appears no perfect landing spot for Tebow but where he signs will dictate how long he plays in the NFL. If he wants to be a quarterback long term in the league he should pride aside grab a clipboard and cap and work tirelessly with the quarterback coach to refine his mechanics and footwork. Rodgers sat behind Favre for four years, there is still hope, and Im certain that of all people Tim Tebow will keep the faith

      • I’ve always wondered why he doesn’t switch positions. Why someone hasn’t offered this to him? With his legs and size he could probably be decent as a full back or maybe a running back. Have him throw it some. That would really shake teams up.

      • Its probably an issue of pride…I believe Tebow would make a decent short yardage fullback ie Mike Alscott or maybe a serviceable tight end. Pride comes before fall, his faith will be tested, how will he respond?

  2. I’ve just read, Tebow to the Jets… What do you think of that?

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