Capt. ELITE: The Evolution of Eli Manning, the silent assassin!

Eli Manning, a man of few words, sent shock waves when he confidently proclaimed that he was an elite quarterback in the NFL. Radio pundits swiftly filled the radio waves dismissing Eli’s perception of himself alleging that a Super Bowl didn’t make you elite because quarterbacks like Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer were barely even average. Although every quarterback besides the two mentioned in the last twenty years have been inducted or are on track to be inducted into the Hall of Fame ( scroll and see for yourself

This season Eli Manning evolved into Captain Elite displaying impressive poise in the pocket and elevating the talent of his wide receivers, Hicks who was on the verge of being considered a bust and the ‘Salsa Dancing’ Victor Cruz an undrafted hidden gem that barely made the 53-man roster.

Captain Elite let his game do his talking, each week putting up impressive numbers consistently outshining the quarterbacks that many pundits considered to be elite like Aaron ‘Discount Double Check” Roger who many believe will be awarded MVP this season. Unlike the future ‘hall of famer’, Rex Ryan, Eli has won two Super Bowl Championships in four years.

Captain Eli has become the most unlikely King of New York, a southerner who is no longer just the little brother of Peyton but an elite quarterback in his own right.

Eli Manning lead his team over the 49ers and outdueled Tom Brady on the big stage for a second time to hoist the Lombardi Trophy not only cementing his status as an elite quarterback but also securing his rightful place in the NFL Hall of Fame.


A true leader leads by his actions, not his words.’ – A.Denmark follow me @Eatdrnkslpsprtz

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