Thrill is Gone, My Collegefootball Blues!!!

The Euphoria that follows the kick off of a new season of college football unfortunately inches closer and closer to its final curtain call. The All-american teams have been announced, the hardware has been handed out, and the well deserved assistant has finally earned the chance to run a program. This year was marked by many milestones accomplished by new faces like RGIII and the Honey Badger. Also forever remembered for the demise of an icon, Coach Joe Paterno
    The Preseason Magazine you bought in May is now wrinkled up in your bathroom or its being used for scrap paper for the little ones. And although your favorite team may have made it to a bowl game, your jubilation at their success is met with sadness because the next game will be the last game.
Each week you feverishly switched channels and scheduled your days around the big game that was coming on that Saturday.With each punt return or hail mary that was answered it was the topic of conversation with your friends and peers in the workplace.

   Only a Handful of days remain, when we must find something else to fill this void and although the NFL and basketball are options, they just do not hit the spot. What is the cure for this madness? How can we go on? preseason magazines do not come out til June and recruiting will be over in February. The agony the pain of college football fever, an addiction that spreads from coast to coast, from sea to shining sea.
   A Toast to a great season, may it hold us over until another arises that first fateful day in September. Too the true college football fans continue to EAT DRINK SLEEP SPORTZ and we shall enjoy each touchdown as if it was the last one. – A.Denmark (eatdrnkslpsprtz)

One thought on “Thrill is Gone, My Collegefootball Blues!!!

  1. It’s tough filling up those college tailgate blues…but March Madness is upon us 😉 Thanks for stopping by and reading

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